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Samstag, 19. April 2014

Game Day!

Soooo... today was an unlucky day, of sorts. So all you get is a short recap, and tomorrow probably a couple of pictures :)

Anyway, the Rockets played today. And lost. 5-3, outshot 53-27 (I kid you not)--and honestly, they were lucky that it was only 5 goals their poor goalie let in, because aside from a strong first period (3-1 Kelowna), their team's showing was abysmal. They wouldn't have deserved the win had it been handed to them on a silver platter.

But it was pretty good hockey--fast, frantic at times even, and just sloppy enough to be a delight to watch. I would of course have preferred hat the Rockets won, but honestly--the game was good enough despite the loss.

The most confusing thing though must have been the fact that they're playing Portland--the Winterhawks. Or short, just the Hawks.

They had an equally abysmal showing: after going down 2-0, they managed to get a 3-2 lead--only to have Seabrook take a dumb penalty that led to the game-tying goal with less than 10 seconds to go, and subsequently lose in overtime.

'Lumbus were the only ones who actually managed to do what they were supposed to: get the W. (Their first playoff win in franchise history! And against Pittsburgh, no less!)


  1. Hockey in Canada - great experiance watching the game live at Prospera Place :-)

  2. Hey :)
    Ich bin Lilly und ich mache nächstes Jahr ein Austauschjahr nach Kanada. Als ich mich vor über einem Jahr dazu entschlossen habe, bin ich auf deinen Blog gestoßen und habe ihn von da an mitgelesen. Er hat mich irgendwie in meinem Entschluss gestärkt und mich motiviert. Ich finde es toll, dass du jetzt wieder in Kanada bist und ein bisschen schreibst! :D Und ich wollte fragen, ob es für dich in Ordnung wäre, wenn ich deinen Blog auf meinem verlinke :) Er ist wirklich toll, vor allem weil du es einfach geschafft hast, das ganze Jahr hindurch zu posten und keine großen Lücken entstanden sind. Man kann ihn super lesen! ^^
    Hier ist der Link zu meinem:
    Liebe Grüße und noch viel Spaß,


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