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Montag, 24. Juni 2013



Well, not really, but almost--except for those two weeks or so I have to go in Germany (or is it just one?) just for the shit and giggles...

Anyway, so right now I'm bored and not tired and my parents are already in bed, so I decided to write up what we've been doing...

Time is running together, I'm telling you, and I'm really, really, really looking forward to home, to my piano, my friends, my dog, my bed, our house...

Ten months is a stupidly long time, and I can't deny I'm glad it's over. But I will miss a lot in Canada :( (I will give you specifics once I'm back home, I promise)

Anyway, so my parents touched down close to midnight a week ago, and we'd been chatting over skype for a while.

They picked me up after school on Monday and met Mr Kletke and Ms Snuggs, two of the San Fran trip teachers and Entrepreneurship and Internationals teacher respectively, and then we left for the mall.

I got new runners (in stunning red <3 and had to pay by myself even though my parents are here -_-). We got some cinnamon buns from Cinnzeo (omg, they are the most delicious thing I've ever eaten... There is nothing more delicious than these buns, I swear) and ... yeah, went to Starbuck's.And I guess that was it...

Afterwards, we went to my host family's for dinner--beef dip--and had a nice evening at the shore (even though it was grey and almost raining). I started my endeavour to take as many pictures as possible, and as of now I am at 925--just in the last week!

Tuesday, my parents picked me up again and we said bye to Mr Murphy--who insisted I'd been a great student (thanks... I guess? I mean, all I did was not pay attention and not interrupt the lesson...) and told me I had to work in a field that would use my knowledge of Math...

Saying goodbye to Mr Manderioli was a bit tough because he's retiring and that's so sad and going into his room is so weird because it used to be decorated with his Rock History stuff and now it's bare and that's just no :(

And then we said goodbye to Mr Derksen, but I'll probably stop by his room again when I'm picking up my report card.

He told me I missed out on 'Best English 11 student' 1%. ONE Percent. >.<

So I'm runner up... because this other guy had one percent more on the Provincial than me. Sucks.

But hey, I'm glad enough as it is, considering I'm not a Native Speaker :)

He also told my parents I had to work with language later on... :)

Once we were done in school, we headed for Vancouver, and I even managed to sleep a bit (as usual... All three times driving to Vancouver I've slept on the drive for at least a couple of minutes).

The house we were at was really nice and cozy <3

The first day, we went to see the Botanical Garden of UBC, and I guess it was nice?
It was a lot of walking on trails high up between the trees and learning about different cedars and hemlocks and stuff :)

We spent a couple hours there and then my parents dropped me off at our house and went shopping... for groceries, I mean.

Of course we our first falling out that day... but what do you expect? I haven't lived with anybody that emotionally close or who could see through every one of my deceptions (even though that probably is too hard a word) for ten months, so thinking it would be totally smooth would be almost delusional :o
I am not an easy person to live with, I am sorry...

The next day, we went wool shopping for my mom in a shop that dyes it's own wool. Paradise (for her).
It took us ages to find it because Mom hadn't written the address down and neither of my parents would believe me when I said it was in there instead choosing to check out every single other entry way before ending up where I had suggested and it was correct. Big surprise there...

In the after noon, we proceeded on to Metrotown mall (Metropolis at Metrotown) in Burnaby, where we'd been with the Internationals.

I got a new hoodie and a shirt <3 from American Eagle.

We also got another couple cinnamon buns for desert. <3

Day three started with us going downtown in the morning and seeing Canada place (where the Olympics had been) and the Olympic torch and exploring a path about the history of Canada, and going back to Capilano Suspension Bridge in the after noon.

It's so beautiful there! <3

Day four meant traveling--by ferry this time.
We took the ferry from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo, where we are right now.
Yesterday we couldn't do much more than unpack and (in my parents' case) go grocery shopping, but today we spent the whole day at 'Butchart Gardens', which is breathtakingly beautiful. And it made my mom happy.

Tomorrow we're driving down to Toffino, and on Tuesday we're gonna start the journey back home...

And that's it from me, there might be a couple pictures following at a later date, but rn I'm super tired (after all)

Thanks for reading <3

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013


It's over.
Can you believe it?

I most certainly can't.

My parents are in Vancouver right now, almost on the plane to Kelowna, and I have two more days.
I feel dizzy with it, with the promise of going home, being able to relax completely, and the dread of leaving this life behind forever.

I'm still sure it was one of the best decision of my life, and I'm also certain that I've made enough of it, but there is this niggling doubt in the back of my mind that I can't switch off.

We got our Yearbooks on Thursday--they're beautiful and awesome!--and had time to get them signed Thursday and Friday, and ... that's it.

Today was Father's Day, tomorrow is Entrepreneurship last day and on Tuesday we have Math Final Exam (I haven't really done anything and still don't remember how to solve a sinusoidal function) and pot luck in Creative Writing, where we'll get back our longer piece, have chocolate, pizza and pop and take home our port folios with everything we've done this year.

It's over, and that feels so surreal.

Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013


... we wrote an unannouced Math quiz (we don't do that often). I had to write it, because it was about Thursday/Friday's stuff, and I was there for that.
... I got my result from the last Math test—97%, 39/40. For guessing as much as I did, that result is terrific (the average was 80.3%).
... we wrote 'Similes and Metaphors' for Creative Writing class, which is harder than it may sound.
... I was shocked at Mr Manderioli's Rock History room—it used to be stuffed with memorabilia, the walls covered in posters and really nice, but when I entered today, I was greeted by mostly white walls. Sad, but true: Mr M is retiring after this year, so he has to free up his room :(
... I actually went to the wrong class—or more accurately, I went to the library when I should have been in Entrepreneurship, so I got an absent there (I didn't see CiCi's messages on my phone -_-) hasn't happened in a long while, and was of course super embarrassing, but there's nothing I can do now...
... I was particularly disappointed by how poorly one of my old-time favourite Harry Potter fanfictions was written—my expectations have become so much higher, it is hardly funny anymore.
... Mr D photographed my tiny handwriting for our Arts Magazine (in one line I had managed to squeeze four lines of text :) ) as some kind of back-drop
... I finally managed to write my introduction to the internationals yearbook :)
... Still haven't managed to do my own page for that same book
... I have gained my 85th follower on tumblr!

And now I'm super tired, so I'm signing off :)

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Kettle Valley Railway Tour

... and other small things

Okay, so today was... an excursion!

We arrived at school, boarded the bus, and drove to the Kettle Valley Railway station past Summerland and Peachland :)

The weather was super nice, but Ms Snuggs had warned us to dress warmly, as the carts would be open.
In the end, I was glad I had taken my sweater, because it did get chilly on the train.
But the view was beautiful. There's a reason why Kelowna/the Okanagan Valley is considered one of the nicer cities and it very popular as a retirement place.
I took about a dozen or so scenery pictures, just because it's so beautiful.
The train was pulled by a real steam engine, and it was kinda cool.
Real steam!

Isn't is beautiful? Aren't you jealous, dad?

I'm wearing my white Stanford shirt--can you tell the sun was shining real hard?

Sarah and me at the Railway Station :)
Thanks to her for the picture!

It was really, really nice, and it was almost sad it took us only 90 mins!
Then we drove back and stopped by Summerland Sweets, a candy store, so we were late for Block 4--my Entrepreneurship class had already left for one of our field trips, so I just went to the library.

I read a couple of NHL blogs, all saying, "Yeah, the Pens are gonna bounce back after last game's 3-0 shutout on the hands of Tuukka Rask, they're gonna be real strong" and so you can imagine how much I was laughing at tonight's final score: 6-1 Bruins.
It was awesome, because I'm friends with this girl from Boston and we talked a bit about hockey on her wall, and yeah... tomorrow's gonna be the real test for the Hawks--they haven't won any game threes as of yet and the Kings are undefeated at home, so it's gonna be exciting!

Countdown is running, guys!
14 days till school ends!
Have a great night!