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Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Mixed Bag

I'm so proud of myself - I actually managed to finish the letters today! Now all I have to do is buy poststamps and get them sent off...
So, everybody going to the USA should get their letters by the end of this week.

And it's confirmed now - I'll be writing my Latinum tomorrow... I'm pretty scared, truth be told, because I haven't really done that much... But well, I'll manage (somehow) please, please, cross your fingers for me (I'll be writing tomorrow at 8.45 am to 9.45 am...)

It's so hard to believe that it's only 47 days left... I mean, 47! I can remember where it was more than 365, and now it's not even seven weeks...

I'll be getting my farewell book back on Tuesday, and then it's already time to plan my farewell-party!

I have (currently) fifteen girls I want to invite, but I have no idea yet what I'll do. Mama wants to do grilling, but I'm unsure whether it's so great to be so dependent on the weather.

And if anybody out there is interested in improving their English: Try Sherlock. I mean, honestly, they speak the best British English and so fast (Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock): Sherlock is talking in his deductions faster than I can think in my fastest talking moments - and I can talk quite fast. [transcribed, not verbatim])
Well, I absolutely LOVE that show. Moftiss (Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss) are brilliant screenwriters, and the story has a really elaborate plot, one plot line that threads through the whole two seasons, and they have magnificent cliffhangers at the end of their shows.

And now we have to wait for season three (filming starts in January 2013) for the solution of the last cliffhanger.
What's worse is what Moftiss told the fans: "It's all in the episode. There's one clue that all the fans have missed" But what's it? What have we missed? It's really, really bad.
On my DVD set, there are Audio commentaries of Moftiss (Screenwriters), Sue Vertue (Moffat's wife and Producer), Martin Freeman (Dr John Watson), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and one other actor on episodes one, three, four and five and they're brilliant to listen to!

That's from "A Scandal in Belgravia", Season two, episode one.

and this one below is the scene right before... You should probably be aware of the fact that these contain spoilers. :D

And one last scene from the Scandal:

I'm really looking forward to season three, and I will definitely have to see the Jude Law/Robert Dowrey Jr. films some time, too!

So sorry that this is only English today, but I was listening to the Audio commentary, and I have serious problems switching to German right now :)

Best regards,


  1. hey :)
    Jaaaa, er hat sogar sehr gut geschmeckt :))

    oh, danke dass du mich darauf hingewiesen hast, werde es natürlich sofort ändern :)

  2. Hallo Julia,
    schau doch mal hier : , da hab ich was für Dich!

  3. Sheeeerlock <3 :D Haha, jetzt hast du mich auch überzeugt und ich verstehe endlich was du da so erzählst!


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