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Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013


... we wrote an unannouced Math quiz (we don't do that often). I had to write it, because it was about Thursday/Friday's stuff, and I was there for that.
... I got my result from the last Math test—97%, 39/40. For guessing as much as I did, that result is terrific (the average was 80.3%).
... we wrote 'Similes and Metaphors' for Creative Writing class, which is harder than it may sound.
... I was shocked at Mr Manderioli's Rock History room—it used to be stuffed with memorabilia, the walls covered in posters and really nice, but when I entered today, I was greeted by mostly white walls. Sad, but true: Mr M is retiring after this year, so he has to free up his room :(
... I actually went to the wrong class—or more accurately, I went to the library when I should have been in Entrepreneurship, so I got an absent there (I didn't see CiCi's messages on my phone -_-) hasn't happened in a long while, and was of course super embarrassing, but there's nothing I can do now...
... I was particularly disappointed by how poorly one of my old-time favourite Harry Potter fanfictions was written—my expectations have become so much higher, it is hardly funny anymore.
... Mr D photographed my tiny handwriting for our Arts Magazine (in one line I had managed to squeeze four lines of text :) ) as some kind of back-drop
... I finally managed to write my introduction to the internationals yearbook :)
... Still haven't managed to do my own page for that same book
... I have gained my 85th follower on tumblr!

And now I'm super tired, so I'm signing off :)

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