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Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Kettle Valley Railway Tour

... and other small things

Okay, so today was... an excursion!

We arrived at school, boarded the bus, and drove to the Kettle Valley Railway station past Summerland and Peachland :)

The weather was super nice, but Ms Snuggs had warned us to dress warmly, as the carts would be open.
In the end, I was glad I had taken my sweater, because it did get chilly on the train.
But the view was beautiful. There's a reason why Kelowna/the Okanagan Valley is considered one of the nicer cities and it very popular as a retirement place.
I took about a dozen or so scenery pictures, just because it's so beautiful.
The train was pulled by a real steam engine, and it was kinda cool.
Real steam!

Isn't is beautiful? Aren't you jealous, dad?

I'm wearing my white Stanford shirt--can you tell the sun was shining real hard?

Sarah and me at the Railway Station :)
Thanks to her for the picture!

It was really, really nice, and it was almost sad it took us only 90 mins!
Then we drove back and stopped by Summerland Sweets, a candy store, so we were late for Block 4--my Entrepreneurship class had already left for one of our field trips, so I just went to the library.

I read a couple of NHL blogs, all saying, "Yeah, the Pens are gonna bounce back after last game's 3-0 shutout on the hands of Tuukka Rask, they're gonna be real strong" and so you can imagine how much I was laughing at tonight's final score: 6-1 Bruins.
It was awesome, because I'm friends with this girl from Boston and we talked a bit about hockey on her wall, and yeah... tomorrow's gonna be the real test for the Hawks--they haven't won any game threes as of yet and the Kings are undefeated at home, so it's gonna be exciting!

Countdown is running, guys!
14 days till school ends!
Have a great night!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Yeah, I'm realy jealous.
    I hope we will repeat this trip when we are in Kelowna.
    12 days left !!!
    Mr. Crazy


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