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Freitag, 31. Mai 2013


This is a school day you love!

It starts out with a spare you can waste away, then you have a 'field trip' to walk to a street intersection to count cars (seriously--we have the hypothetical scenario of buying a food truck and we had to scout locations) and on the way back, Mr K bought us all Dairy Queen ice cream!

Now I only have Creative Writing--handed in both my projects already and have about 4-9 times as much as we needed: We had to hand in our edited first project (done) and 5-10 pages (double spaced) of new stuff (I have 48 pages double spaced... seriously. 10k words :))--and Math. Math is halfway interesting, because while we had done last lesson already in grade 7 or 8--factorials: 7!=7x6x5x4x3x2x1--today we're gonna do new stuff (I think). But we might have done that last year already, too, because he said that's the first step towards probability (with the tree diagrams) which we did last year for sure.

Anyway, Creative Writing! :D

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