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Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

A short Biological Update

So, what happened? I have no idea... Currently I'm sitting in Biology and actually I should be working on finding out axioms and determine whether they're actually true, but since I have no idea what I should look up and I've been anyway playing around with Blogger (we have a Biology 12 blog now! And our teacher wants us to play around with it a bit!), so I thought I'd give you a small update!

Basically Spencer is pretty surprised as to how many exclamation marks we use, so I guess Mr Manderioli was right after all - I'm still writing too German.

Doro and I are gonna meet in the mall tomorrow, and we'll do a bit of Biology, because I anyway have to a bit and I guess Doro had a question, and I'll buy a new Journal (I've got like, 30 pages left?) and I'm gonna get winter shoes, because it's getting pretty cold outside and my Geox can't deal with the snow.
SO, the lesson is almost over, so I'll first run my Contentions by my debate teacher and then my necxt article by my Journalism teacher.

By the way, our first newspaper has been published!

Look at it here!

Have a nice day and a nice weekend!



  1. Hallo Maus,

    du sollst Biologie machen und keine Blogs schreiben - trotzdem schön von dir zu hören.
    Grüß die Doro von mir.
    Bussi, Mike - the crazy German

  2. What the heck ! Why should you not write too German - you are German - maybe Mr.M. thinks too Canadian :-))
    lywe (thinking too psychological)


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