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Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

My week in fast forward

So, okay, here the real blog entry.
It seems as though I'm not the only one - Doro suffered the same thing, and so did half the world, it seems. But one of the girls from the forum has had hers restored already!

So, anyway. It's been a long time since I last really posted anything - almost a week!

I was a tiny bit busy, so please forgive me. I have to sit down sometime soon and work through all the photos I've shot so far, because they are getting more and more and are cluttering up my harddrive!

What happened... Let me consult my journal.

Okay, so at the moment it's really strange: When I go to sleep, it's too warm, and when I wake up it's too cold and I'm freezing... Meeh.
But that matter has resolved itself luckily enough!

I got 100% both in Japanese and in Spanish, and my Spanish grade at the moment is 104.5%. I'm not joking, seriously.
I got 193% in oral participation, because I constantly have my hand in the air. Well, I like it, and so I have a very decent chance on 100% in Spanish!

In English I'm gonna hand in my essay rewritten, cause no matter how much better I'll be, my mark will be bumped at least half a point - and I had 4 points, which is a B, and with 4.5 points, I'll have an A. I anyway have an A with 92%, but it's only the second highest grade in the class, so my slightly competitive nature (selectively competitive) has said: No way. I only have to get 2% better, cause the best grade is 93% at the moment. Shouldn't be too hard.

We're gonna write our "Unit Test" soon, though, and it's gonna be about characteristics of Short Stories, the Short stories we've read and generally everything we've done... Well, I better take a look at it soon, cause it's quite a lot!

My lunch has become kind of a mixture of Philosophy and Psychology, which I'm discussing with Lolu and Mr Derksen. Both of them are really fun!

I'm finally finished with my first Journalism article! I had already written 240 words and thought to myself: Come on, a hundred words more you'll manage. And I didn't only manage a hundred words - my essay is more than 500 words long, which I'm really proud of!

And I'm busy combating my fear of surprise situations - those of you who know me might remember my breakdown in sevenths grade in that unexpected Latin test or the breakdown in eighth grade in Bio - well, the only way to get rid of that anxiety is by doing unexpected things and being spontaneous, so I got off the bus three stations too soon on a whim.

No, honestly, I was reading and I thought I'd missed my station, so I just got off, only realizing too late that no, the bus had come from the opposite direction as usual! Well, instead of bursting into tears, I simply followed the bus where it had gone to and actually found my way home all alone from a neighbourhood I didn't recognize! As you can imagine, I was immensely proud of myself!

On Friday, there was Black and Gold day because of a Volleyball Tournament. There were a lot of people in the KSS wear, and I decided when they sell the shirts and sweaters, I'm gonna get some. Because the school wear is just awesome!

There also were free pancakes!

In English we were allowed to go to the Volleyball game, but I asked to use the computer; I checked my mails and then discussed autism and savants with Mr Derksen. Oh, and I read a bit.

In Spanish we finally learned how to conjugate verbs ending with -ar.
Those of you who have Latin: Does it seem familiar?
Example: Cantar - to sing - cantare

Yo canto                  canto
Tú cantas                canta
Él/Elle canta            cantat
Nosotros cantamos  cantamus
Ellos/Ellas cantan     cantant

Yeah, I really have an advantage!

It's raining, at the moment. Or rather, it had been raining all day yesterday. Today was half-half.
The weather really reflects my mood, I'm totally melancholic, and slightly down now that I don't have a Debate partner anymore. I hope I can get that sorted out tomorrow.

I'm planning to send something for Christmas home, but I can guarantee you that it won't arrive, as I won't be able to send it till mid November, maybe even beginning of December. And I would have had to send it now already to have it arrive on time!
But I can't do that, as I do not yet have everything I want to send along.
I think though that the wait will well be worth the result!

I'm really tired, but I can't sleep... So I'll write one or two mails, there are a few people whom I owe replies.

Oh, and my blogger stats are reappearing, seemingly randomly. The only thing that worries me slightly is this:

 a) I have 40 Pageviews over all. Look at the picture below. If you add all those clicks up, do you get 40? I don't.
b) Why are most of my viewers from the UK and Canada? The latter I can understand, the former I can't.

ETA 10:13 PM:
My Stats are back! I'm so happy right now! :D /ETA End

And I realized once again: British English is the best English in the world.
The guy behind the till at the Paintball field was from Cambridge, and he spoke just like Doctor Who! He even looked a bit like David Tennant!
The tenth Doctor. David Tennant from Doctor Who

Have a nice week!

I love and miss you all,


  1. Ich entdecke grad ungeahnte Seiten an Dir! Mach weiter so! ♥

  2. Hab schon gewartet auf was Neues von Dir :-)

  3. Your english is too good for me to understand!
    What are you doing? :o


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