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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Davison Orchard

Okay, here are the pictures I promised you!
Davison Orchard is near Vernon, and, although it was wet and muddy and rainy, very beautiful. Especially the view...

We were supposed to get a trip around the apple orchards, but unfortunately, the roads were too wet, so that fell short.
We did get a pumpkin, though. The variety was huge!

My pumpkin before the painting!

My pumpkin after the painting!

Like a Sir!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge! And yes, there is still more than half left! :)

Today there was a rather uneventful day - the calm before the storm that Hallowe'en will be. I am one of the few (apparently) who won't be dressed up for school tomorrow, most of my classes were abuzz with "What will you be?" and similar questions.
I have my mobile phone as a camera with me, and I will take loads and loads of pictures!
I promise!
And I doubt that there will be so much real lesson tomorrow, but I have pumpkin carving anyway!
And I will write my English test on Thursday and not on Friday like the rest, because I won't be there on Friday! Rossland, we're coming!
One thing left here:
Today was lockdown drill!
So in case of an Amok run, the PA (Lautsprecheranlage) will announce "Lockdown, This whole building is now in lockdown!" And then everybody has to go in the corner farthest away from doors and windows and has to crouch down, in the best case under a table (so I was sitting squished under one for ten minutes, but at least I knew it was only a drill!) and be really, really quiet, and the teacher locks the door and switches off the lights so that any guy going nuts will think the classroom is deserted.

A few years back they had a lockdown in one of the primary schools because some guy was running around naked in front of the school...

And I have barely twenty pages left in my book - exactly twenty two!
Well, I will fill it until Monday I think, which means I finally should get to finishing my other book! (I am colouring and decorating it).

I also cooked for the second time - stir fry! It was really yummy!

So, that was it from me, there are a few more pictures after the cut!

Steven's bookshelf

Ricola - und wer hats erfunden? Die Schweitzer

Steven's onions - he actually preserved it by himself!
See where the knife was made...

My birthday present for Marina

Delicious mealtime!

This picture was taken on September 27...

The lake behind our house

And again Still Pond Lake

View from our hotel in Vancouver

Skyscraper in Vancouver!



The Park in Vancouver from where I have taken all the pictures!


And again... Vancouver!

This is my Biology project - it was actually pretty fun!

English lesson.
One of the first Nintendo games!


The first snow!
Again: snow
That was the truck that drove us around Davison Orchard
That is the backside of the cart
And finally, for my mum, a picture of our schoolbus

And Kelowna by night!

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  1. Danke - endlich ein Bild vom Schulbus - ich bin begeistert! - Auch vom Rest der Bilder, schön zu sehen, was Du siehst ;)


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