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Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

I must be so mad

... because I have decided to take part in this years NaNoWriMo - which is short for National Novel Writing Months and means I try to write 50k words in one month. I mean, it's not as though I have school and stuff like that...
Well, but I managed just fine last year (up until the release of Eragon), so I'm sure I'll be able to do so this year. And I only have to write 1,300 words a day - especially on schooldays that should be no problem, because it's rather hard to meet up with friends when you have school until a quarter past three and are home by four o'clock...

Well, I neither have time nor plot, so I think it's gonna be great!

I hope you're all fine back home - I must admit, I'm not up-to-date at all, and so I really have no idea...

I have been skypeing for about three hours today - and while it was really great to get rid of all these emotions (thanks again, lywe!), it left me quite drained.
But in order to make my panic attacks stop, I am to skype with my parents frequently - probably to prevent such an emotional chaos from building up again.
It's really not a nice feeling, being trapped in your body like that, and I absolutely abhor it. Well, once Debate is out of the way (hugely stressing for me), I should return to very fine in a matter of days.
Speaking of Debate - I'm almost finished with my two contentions (Behauptungen) and yes, I know, I said I'd have it done by Friday evening (I'm not sure I posted this here or just wrote it in my journal, but here it is: I wanted to have it done by Friday night), but of course I didn't manage to do it until the last second.
From what I've seen in the Facebook group, I'm not the only one, though, and at least I can claim I had the idea already and only had to flash it out.
Luckily, it's only a rough draft for the Rossland debate, so I still have time to dress it up nicely!

My package probably has left Richmond already, but I don't know where it is right now. I'm still hoping for an early delivery!

Have a nice time!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Debate: ich sag nur ".... auf den letzten Drücker...." kommen die besten Ideen!
    NaNoWriMo: ... ist ja freiwillig, also selber schuld ;)
    Skypen: Yeah - it's great!


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