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Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012



Omg, shock. My whole statistic has been wiped clean. There are no records of clicks before yesterday. Every single post has zero clicks.

And I was so close to 5k klicks :(
I don't know what happened, I have honestly no. Freezing. Idea.

Anyway, we've been paintballing today, the other exchangers here in Kelowna and me.
We've been 14 people, and let's just say it was a hell lot of awesome fun.
I'm really tired now, though.

I've probably lost my partner for the Rossland debate, because he missed the deadline for the admission slip, and now I have no idea where to get a partner from. Because I'm pretty sure that almost everybody already has a partner. -.-

I finally finished the rough draft for my first article; I'm still waiting for data to complete the second one, though.

Biology is really interesting and .... I don't know what else to tell you.
Let me digest my shock, first of all. :)

Love you all,



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