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Montag, 15. April 2013

For Doro

Take three minutes out of your busy schedules and watch this - immensely powerful!

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’
Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

Okay, so with both of my splints on I can actually use my two index fingers to type without it hurting too much! (Keep reading through the hockey for exciting news! But since I'm basically just writing this for Doro, my parents and lywe, I'm not even sorry for putting the hockey first!)

So, today was a mixed day. As I described below, there was the Boston Bombings, with a lot of people injured and two (as far as I know) killed.
Then there was the Hawks game, which started out with a kick in the Feels:
And then, just as gripping, the American National Anthem, which is sung before every sporting event: Or, as one fan put it who as there:
You could have heard a pin drop. And then in the next moment you couldn’t hear anything at all. Beautiful.
Credit goes to Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL

So that was the first punch to the feels.

Then the Hawks went up 1-0 on the Dallas Stars, with a beauty move from Hossa, deflected into the net by Toews, who overtook the season scoring lead for the Hawks - formerly held by Kane, who is still firmly in charge of the points and assists, tallying his 27th of the season. He now has 20 G and 27 A for 47 points in 42 games, and Toews has 21 G and 23 A for 44 points. Which means, both of them are better than 1 point per game, which is really good!

 Anyway, during the  first intermission we ate, and I watched the second period up until the Hawks went up 2-0 and seemed to hold the lead. Seemed being the important word. Because almost as soon as I shut the TV off (Tanya, Bob and I went to pick up my parcel and my second bandage because my right hand didn't get any better), Jamie Benn scored for the Stars. Once I came back and saw that, I had to admit: If any of the Stars scored, it should have been Jamie Benn - I couldn't even be too mad, even when he tied the game up 2-2 in the third.

Why, you wonder? Jamie Benn is a Rockets alumno, so even though he is on a rival team, I can't help but wish him the best :)
But I didn't have to worry - Kane sent a perfect feed to Shaw who scored and Toews and Hossa set up Hjalmarsson :D Hossa sealed the deal with an empty netter, so the Hawks won 5-2!

I would have wished them the shutout, because it would have meant - for Emery - 3 shutouts in his last six games and for the Hawks to have the lead in the league - and isn't that ironic, after not having a single shutout last year, they are tied for the lead this year - but I can't hate that they got two points, can I?

And they have become the fastest team to reach 70 points in a season since 74-75, if I remember correctly! This is what their year looks like so far:
Credit: tumblr user saadomy
Yes, they had only five regulation losses and four shootout losses, no Over Time (which is five minutes of four on four hockey) losses! This bodes well for the playoffs, which go to OT after a tie until the tie is broken (it's called sudden death over time).

 Six games remaining!

 And here are some reactions of the hockey world (tonight's playing hockey world; Boston postponed its game), featuring the moment of silence in the Madhouse on Madison (Chicago's United Center Rink) and Keith Yandle with the "Praying for Boston" on his skates for the Coyotes. Doro, this could be interesting for you: Even though the Rockets are done with hockey, Damon Severson and Madison Bowey are not yet done: Severson joins the Albany Devils, AHL farmteam of the New Jersey Devils, and Bowey joins the U-18 squad in Russia for some tournament - world juniors? U-18s? So, the rest of my day ...

We got our English projects back - and I have 45/50 points and a very, very important realization:

I apparently put everything down like it was easy for me. It wasn't. The thing is, it was never hard or easy. It just was. And only when I started comparing things, I realized that it wasn't that easy - certain things - for everybody, while others had far less problems with things that bothered me for ages ... and yes, that is a very important realization. I don't think I'll ever throw that manuscript away, because Mr D has written such nice notes (and improvements, but let's focus on the good things) in the margins...

And then, as I mentioned, I finally got my parcel today!!
That's the content! The Marzipan is especially great - you don't get that very often here :(

Well, and that's me signing off - this took an eternity, and I'm hurting again ...
and I have a Math test tomorrow which I'm not sure I can write, as I can hardly put down my wrist on the table :/ (I mean I understand the topic ... I just tend to do a ton of stupid mistakes :/)


  1. Hey!
    Nice to see you continuing your blog even though your hands hurt that much! Get well soon!
    I hope you have a nice time until you have to leave!
    jnk :)

    P.S.: Bell's season is over, Bowey joins Team Canada for the WJC U18 and Damon Severson joins the Albany Devils. ;)


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