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Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Rocket World

Soooo, I didn't post yesterday and I'm almost too tired to post today, too!
I was working on my Easter post, but I haven't yet finished it, so that's taking a while.

This morning, I actually left the house, ran back inside, chucked my jacket into the closet and ran back outside, just in short sleeves. And I hated myself for putting on jeans, because it was just waaaay too hot. It actually felt like July or stuff like that!

School was as boring as ever, but we got our Math tests back - remember, the one for which I hadn't really done anything?

Well, I have 40.5/41 points, which is with 98.78% the best of both Pre-Calc 12 classes Mr Murphy teaches. Seriously. The class average? A lousy 67.07% for our block and 66.something% for the other class.

And now we're finally doing sine and cosine functions, which my class back in Germany has already done AAAAAAGEEEEEES ago.

And then the Rockets played Game 6 of the Playoffs - and they managed to win!

it was 1-1 after 8 minutes in the first, and I was like "hu, they're still in the run," only to update my twitter dash and find out that it's 3-1 Seattle. Great. They're gonna loose - I sometimes try to jinx the other team by saying, oh the Rockets are loosing, and even if that doesn't work, I can only be surprised positively!

And I was - Goulbourne made it 3-2 and they managed to tie it up at 3 just one and a half minutes later.

And then both goaltenders were simply put amazing.

The Rockets had 59 Shots on goal, and the Thunderbirds had 43, and both goaltenders made a lot of saves - 55 for the T-Birds and 40 for the Rockets. Yes, the Rockets won it - in Overtime!
So the series finale is here in Kelowna, and if they loose, they will be the first team to loose to an opponent who had 50 points less than them in the regular season (never before was the margin that big) and if they win, they will be just the second team in WHL history to come back from being down 3-0 in a series!
So either way, they're gonna make history!

And that's it, I'm signing off!

Good night!

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