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Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Hi guys!
So, I actually meant to post a note Friday, but I forgot to actually publish it?
I'm using Google Speech Recognition as I'm doing this, which is both tedious and awesome - tedious because it misunderstands a lot and awesome because it is pretty accurate a lot of the time (I don't want to hear myself though, because I'm speaking weirdly slowly which messes up my pronunciation ... well, you can't have everything!).

But it should also tell you a lot about the state of my hands.

They didn't get better; the pain shifted, so Andy took me to see a doctor on Friday, and it seems like I have the beginning of Tendinitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or in other words: my tendons in my wrist are inflamed from typing.
I have an absolute typing ban and I can't really write with pens either, because while the left hand is definitely worse, my right one hurts right where you put it down to support it for writing. (This took me ages, because Google couldn't see the difference between 'write' and 'right'...)

I have one wrist brace for my left hand, but I think I gotta get a second one for my right one because it just isn't getting any better, so all in all I'm gonna spend $90 on this stupid thing -_-
But it's not really a choice, because I do want it to get better quickly!

I finally got around to seeing a bit more of Kelowna - all in all I walked about ten kilometers yesterday, all around Kelowna (to the Waterfront and downtown and back again) and today I Skyped with Dorothea. Not for long though, unfortunately, because she had friends come over, so I watched the Hawks game today :)
It was a great game, a shutout for Crawford and an awesome goal for Marián Hossa, right off the faceoff dot from Toews. They defeated the St Louis Blues 2-0!

And this is one of the reasons I love hockey: The hugs.
(and the goalie love, as demonstrated in the following picture)
gif'ed by: darthtulip | Captain Jonathan Toews & Goalie Corey Crawford
after the 2-0 win at St. Louis.

gif'ed by: mhossa | Jonathan Toews and Marián Hossa hug
after Hossa has scored a short handed goal off a feed from Toews
to increase lead of St. Louis Blues to 2-0


source (x) | Michael Frolik and Jonathan Toews hug after Toews ties the game against the
Detroit Red Wings with 57.3 seconds remaining in the third

And I found this wonderful thing, which is posted in Jonny's Ice House, as far as I know, the Blackhawk's training facility:
When you lose say little. When you win say less.
Which is wonderfully accurate advice.

And that is me signing off, because as I mentioned, this is very, very tedious...

Love y'all,



  1. Hi Baby,
    what about the parcel? Did you get it?

    Nice to here from you.

    Mr. Crazy

  2. I had that - about three years ago - in my left hand and I couldn't knit a whole long summer !! Can you imagine that ?
    I had such a wrist brace as well (it had metal in it to avoid my thumb's moving) and I used to look like Darth Vader :-))
    Embracing you,


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