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Freitag, 5. April 2013


It's raining outside, perfectly reflecting my mood.
Or maybe my mood reflects the weather?

Both is equally likely.

After a weekend and Monday of the best weather - sun, 26°C, literally not a single cloud, the weather has gotten worse considerably.
Tuesday started out still pretty sunny, but it got cloudy towards the afternoon, and then it was cloudy all Wednesday and Thursday morning, only for it to start raining in the afternoon. It's been raining all day today on and off, but the off stretches were very short-lived.

I'm sick.
I woke up this morning and the world was close to spinning - I had thought yesterday morning on the school bus already that I might throw up (I didn't, fortunately), and this morning I also head a splitting headache (it's lessened) and my throat hurt, so I just crawled back into bed and slept four more hours or so.

I'm feeling better right now, but I really hope that I didn't catch what Tanya had - there's nothing worse than coughing all night when you're anyway a troubled-sleeper!

I'm still tired though...


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