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Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013


Soooo, camping.
Have you seen my last post about Cancer Week?
It's just below, but I wanted it to stand alone.

So, camping.

Yes. I mean, camping last year was fun; driving with our camper through Germany and having vacation at different locations, but it was also being cramped into a small space with my parents and our dog, hanging on each other 24/7, and that's not so much to my liking.

So you can imagine that I was more resigned than enthusiastic when I realized camping with my family here would mean all five of us and the family that shared the double camping space with us, with four people, and no internet, no electricity nothing.

The internet part wasn't so bad--I loaded up my kindle, and that was it.
I also charged my iPod and phone, and I am proud to say I managed to keep both alive for all three days.

So we left on Friday afternoon after school, car packed with firewood, pillows and small bags, and Tanya's father had already set up his trailer. It was huge. My dad would probably have said: "It's bigger than our first apartment." It really was, especially once Tanya slid out the 'slides', two parts of the trailer where we sleep in that you just slide out so you have more space, and then we waited for the other family to arrive. I don't think we did a lot that day; we had burgers for dinner and s'mores at the campfire, and Oh My God, s'mores are so unbelievably delicious.

 The rest of the weekend, to summarize, was reading, hiking and eating. So. Much. Food. Unbelievable, I'm telling you!
But it was really, really nice!

So have a couple of pictures! :)

S'mores! :D


  1. Hi Sweety,
    sounds great. But where are the pics showing the trailer?

    Mr. Crazy

  2. Klingt nach einem geruhsamen Wochenende! ♥
    Hugs and kisses!

  3. So nice to see you - your hair has been growing longer again, wow, you've been over there for quite a while :-)
    take care,


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