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Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Cancer Week!

Yes, I'm back!

Sorry it's taken me so long, but my wrists are perking up again, so I was trying to limit my writing (still to impatient, which is not conducive to healing, I know, I know)

This week was Cancer Week here at KSS, starting on Tuesday after the long weekend (Victoria Day; Queen Victoria's birthday) with a info meeting in the gym--the whole school was present, all ~1,600 Students, and we heard some emotional accounts from teachers with experience--through spouses or children--of cancer, and one student who has had cancer since she was five, and then they called upon us to shave our heads.

Mom said no, so I did what I could: I sponsored another International who shaved his head.
Wednesday, there was a drive-thru breakfast somewhere (I don't know where exactly) and something else yesterday, and today at lunch, there was (okay, they're still going) the head shavers.

It's a pretty big deal; some twenty or thirty students are shaving their heads and most of the school is outside watching people become bald... I was outside for a bit, before I decided squinting through the student mass just wasn't worth it.

But it's pretty amazing how it unites the whole school to raise money for cancer!

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  1. Hi Sweety,
    Mom said "no" cutting your hairs?
    Why don't you ask me?


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