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Freitag, 10. Mai 2013


Gah, there I go to San Francisco, and what do I do?
Get sick.

I've been feeling all morning like I wanted to throw up (never mind that I haven't actually eaten anything I could throw up) and I've been coughing and sneezing all week.

It's the fault of the bus/train we took, because it was pretty chilly on there :(
Even though I was wearing a sweater! The A/C was just going too strong.

So, yeah. Not feeling good.

Another thing that's gotten worse are my grades:
I'm trying to find out, how much I have to do to get acceptable grades--my mom's suggestion, since I usually do way too much, and now I have the time and place to just try...
Well, and at the moment it looks like not doing the homework+not taking any notes=80%
And yeah, I'm pissed off at that grade:
I have 12/15 points, and 1.5 points I just THREW away--I know how to write the Domain and Range, but I made a mistake with the Domain: first I confused two numbers, but I caught that in my graph, but not in my Domain, and then I made an old mistake:

The thing was
y= Log3(x+4)-2
so the vertical translation is two units down and the horizontal translation 4 units to the left.
I placed the asymptote at x=-2, which is wrong--that's the vertical translation, and the asymptote is x, so it's horizontal.
I caught that, but I didn't change the Domain:
was what I wrote.
Correct would have been:
{x|x>-4, x € R} (And yeah, I know that's the Euro-sign, but it's the closest I can come to the 'is element of')

So, stupid.

Anyway, we did a couple of Creative Writing projects--'A moment in time" which are short scenes pasted into a book (mine will be printed in Censor This!), a monologue, and we got our next big assignment: I'm gonna write up San Francisco for my first project.
And that's... it.

You'll get the rest of the San Francisco Trip, don't worry, and I don't think it'll take long!

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