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Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

I'm not crying...

**Warning for swearing under the cut--too tired to censor myself**
... there's just a hockey team in my eyes.

Okay, not quite, but yeah.

So, what happened?
I've caught Not Enough Sleep (yes, capitalized and italicized) in the last couple of days, but I ... dunno, I can't get myself to go to bed?

I actually wanted to wait for the result from my Math test before I wrote this, but we didn't get it today and I owe you an entry--especially since I definitely won't be writing over the weekend (more on that later)

What else?
Right, I went into my bathroom, and usually I check the floor, behind the door, on the counter and in the corners for spiders (Kelowna has a lot of spiders, and they really seem to like my bathroom--I've come to terms with brushing my teeth and co while a spider sits in the corner behind my toilet (about ... three feet away from me?) but I still check and keep an eye on it) and this one time I didn't, and I just see, out of the corner of my eye, that there is a huge, black shadow right above my toilet... so I back the fuck away from there, get outside and try not to hyperventilate--the spider was at least as big as a toonie, which is way bigger than a two-euro coin, and super gross... Tanya got rid of it for me.

Then yesterday we wrote our chapter eight test (can you believe it? That was our eigth exam this semester! And three are yet to come, and then the final exam...) in Math, and I dunno... I didn't feel bad. I did more than for the last test, but not a whole lot (~70 minutes? He recommends doing a shitload of stuff as homework, which would take me at least 80 minutes per sub-unit, and we usually have roughly 5-6 sub-units... so do your Math :) ). I felt good for the amount of stuff I've done--but I'm very careful with saying "I felt good," because those tests are usually the worst (seriously).
As I said, we have yet to get the scores back.

We got the pictures for our children's books!
And here's my last project, the cannibalize & resurrect books:

Yep, we're doing a lot of work right now--I wrote two pieces for our lit magazine, but they're too personal to post here, sorry guys :)

I've also written a piece on how I feel now that there's only 33 days left till my parents come, but I haven't typed that up yet, sorry.

Our children's books are due by the end of the week--I still have to take photographs of my illustrations so that I can 'fuse' it together,

Today we finally managed to watch (technology was against us last class) the mini documentary "Caine's Arcade" and yeah... it was nice, even though I was working through most of it.

I also almost missed the bus this morning--I had to sacrifice brushing my teeth, since I had been chatting with Doro and totally forgotten about the time... I was still at the bus stop early, but I was in almost-a-panic :)

Today was the first game of round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the Blackhawks, and since I didn't know at all what to expect, I was rather apprehensive as I changed into my Toews-Shirsey and Hawks-Sweater (it's gotten pretty cold here) and watched... not for long though, as there was dinner maybe five minutes into the game, and when I got back to it (with 3 minutes remaining) it was 1-1...

The game ended 4-1 with three goals coming in the third period; Tazer and Kaner went without a goal again, but it was a very nice game (at least the third period, the second was a bit boring? Lots of Shots on Goal for the Hawks--they outshot the Red Wings 42-21, in the second period alone it was 17-5 or something), including one OMG moment--Hawks were up 3-1, and then there was a ping and I, just as CBC, was sure the puck had gone into the Hawks' net--but no, the crossbar and then #7 Seabrook had saved them!

Yeah, and that's it?

Oh right, I was crying (almost... well, my eyes got a bit wet) because I had watched an old dancing CD from 2011 of myself... and remembered what I'd given up for Canada... but while it was nice to watch, I only had to think about everything I've learnt so far, and it passed.

So, Friday I have a lunch date with a girl from my Japanese class last semester, and in the afternoon, we're gonna board the camper and drive to camping (yay) for the weekend, which means I'll miss game 2 :(
Maybe I can get my mom to text me the results?
She could even watch it--it's on at 7 p.m. her time, so should be finished my half past nine!
... But do I want to know?

I'm off to bed now,
See ya!

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  1. Sag Bescheid, wenn Du das Ergebnis per SMS haben willst
    I'll do my very best :)
    hugs and kisses


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