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Samstag, 22. September 2012

A bunch of things

So, okay, currently I'm at Dorothea's :D

So, I mentioned my biology test, right? I have 100% :D He apparently took out 3 questions afterwards (because they were answered so badly), so I have no mistakes (I think e took those three out which I really only could guess. I'm soooo lucky :P)

It really wasn't hard, though. He only wanted to know stuff we'd talked about in school, and a great deal of that we'd already done. For example Mitochondria and cytoplasm and Hydrogenbonds (Wasserstoffbrücken).

Then I caught bus number 8 from the Okanagan College to Orchard Park Mall and I have to say: going by bus is so easy here! You have to pay a Toonie ($2) and you can go for as long as you want within Kelowna and West-Kelowna. Even if you have to catch two buses: You simply get a transfer strip.

I met Dorothea at Starbucks and then we went to Aeropostals. I got a two pairs of Jeans and a poloshirt, but when I wanted to pay, it said: Declined.

Doro helped me out, but I phoned my hostdad, cause it's really bad when you're standing in the mall, wanting to go shopping and don't have any money. Well, he couldn't do anything either, so we went to a bank with a VISA sign, because the ATMs (Geldautomaten) in the mall didn't have one and you have to pay a huge fee at those ATMs. But at the bank the ATM said: Funds not available.

The answer to the question: My dad hat put the money on the internet banking account, but not onto the credit card! So I'll get my money on Monday, and I have to see whether I can get one of my hostparents to go shopping with me!

But then my phone also stopped working - funds depleted. No idea what I did, but all my $11 were gone!
Thankfully, my hostdad put new money onto my phone and booked me a new plan. It's called socialite 25 and I have unlimited texting and local calls on weekends!

After shopping, I went with Dorothea's to her home.

The house is so beautiful! And her hostfamily is sooooo nice!
It was really, really cool, and I enjoyed every minute of my sleepover here!

Doro, her hostsister Sabrina and I are gonna catch a bus at 12.50 to the mall, where we're gonna meet up with a few other Internationals and then we're gonna go through the mall and take a look at things ... I'm really looking forward to it, and maybe I can get a Sub out of it! (I just have enough money on me to do so)

I can't tell you how relaxing it was to just speak German again - although Doro and I conversed in a funny mixture of German and English with sentences like:

Es macht more Sinn.
Ich tu mich in Spanisch leichter, because ich Latein kann. (Ja, das hab ich tatsächlich so gesagt.)

Well, that's it for now!

So, have a nice rest weekend, I'm certainly enjoying mine, although I have to do a whole load of Homework tomorrow for Japanese (reading) and Spanish (writing and drawing a postcard and studying for the big exam on chapter one on Tuesday).

Best regards,


  1. Ich sag nur "Integrationskurs" in 2013! ;))

    1. Wahrscheinlich keine so schlechte Idee, wenn man das so liest :))

    2. Ich möchte euch wissen lassen, dass ich (zumindest auch dank meines offiziellen Deutschtagebuches) noch sehr gut auf Deutsch zurecht komm!

      Und so langsam fang ich an, Daheim zu vermissen! :D

  2. It' s so much fun keeping you company via this blog - have fun, take care -


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