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Montag, 3. September 2012


Sooo, I'm finally awake - well, technically I've been for half an hour... :D
The Rodeo was really, really great.

It was a fair, like the German Dult, but bigger (at least than the one in Regensburg), with a lot of a attractions, vendors and animals - pigs, alpacas, horses, cows and chicks.
I ate real homemade fries!
And we also saw some exhibitions about bees and wax, which was the theme this year.

But the best thing was the Rodeo itself.
There was the Grand Entry first - a choreography on horseback (amazing! Look at the Photos!)
Then the Bareback - the "rodeo" you think of when you hear it: Cowboys sitting on horseback, trying to stay there, while the horse jumps up and down. This was without a saddle - very, very amazing!
The next thing was the Steer Wrestling: A Cowboy would ride after the calf, jump off his horse and wrestle the calf down.
Then Saddle Bronc - The "real" Rodeo on horseback, but this time with a saddle. For some reason, more fell off here than at the bareback! :D
After that the National Anthems of Canada and of the USA were sung - that was amazing!

Team Roping was also cool: Two cowboys would catch the calf: One the horns and the other one the hindlegs.

The Tie Down Roping was after that and cool, too: One cowboy would have to catch the calf by the horns, then jump down and proceed to tie the hooves.

And the last thing was of course the Bull Riding... Great to see such a thing live!
One man had fallen off, and he was looking for the door (which opened to the inside) and he actually missed it! :o He climbed the fence, then! It was pretty exciting, 'cause of course the bulls were not amused!

Well, we came home just before midnight, so it was a pretty long evening!

Best regards,

 Photos sind nicht editiert! :D


  1. war das auch auf diesem IPE in armstrong? da war ich auch vor zwei tagen,,hab aber leider das rodeo nicht gesehen :(
    liebe grüße

    1. Ja, war es! :D
      Wie hats die gefallen?

  2. Hey ;)

    Ich habe deinen Blog gerade entdeckt und gleich mal abboniert, ich bin nämlich ab januar ebenfalls mit kultur-life in kanada ;)

    Du kannst ja mal auf meiner Seite vorbei schauen :)

  3. Juliaaa :D
    Poste mal bisschen mehr! Ich will wissen, was auf der andern Seite vom Ufer so abgeht. :)
    Ganz, ganz liebe Grüße und hoffentlich treffen wir uns irgendwann mal!


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