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Sonntag, 9. September 2012

On Fire!

Just a quick update from my side, nothing to worry about (at least, not yet):

I mentioned we'd been to Osoyoos yesterday, right?
Well, one of the towns we drove through, Peachland, is on fire. Literally.
It's about 100 km away from here - and there's strong wind...

We are fine though.
We've been to see some salmon, and later shopping, I took a look at my Spanish stuff and I completed the review questions for my Biology class with my knowledge of last year's biology stuff... :)
I still knew quite a lot!

So, I hope you all have a pleasant morning, I'm gonna have dinner now!

Love you!

ETA: Okay, it seems as though the fire is nearer than I thought - it's 20 km away from Doro, so about 50 km from us! :o

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