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Samstag, 8. September 2012

First day of school

So, sorry for the long wait  between my posts, but a) my week was pretty exciting, b) I wrote my German diary, c) my hostparents kept me so busy, d) I have school from 9 o'clock, which means leaving the house at ten past eight, to a quarter past three, which means coming home by 4 o'clock and e) I was just lazy.

But now the first week of school is over (and I'm awake at 8 o'clock on a weekend... I'm crazy...)

I had a really strange dream. I dreamt that I had flown home a week from now, because of something ... I don't know what, it could have been Lara's birthday... (I know that it has already passed...)

Well anyway, I have to admit that I still wasn't really homesick. I felt a bit lost or a bit nervous at times, but the homesickness is making itself (fortunately) scarce.

Okay, the first day was really cool, though very chaotic.
We Internationals were filtered out of all the new Grade 10s, and we got a short introduction.
Then name stickers were distributed for all the Grade 11s and 12s. My name sticker was on this list, but I was assured that it was simply a mistake.

Well, it wasn't. But more of that later.

We went into the gym (gymnasium, not to be confused with a Gymnasium in Germany; it's a place for sports) and did a few games to get accustomed to each other.

Then we were split into groups by our last names. My group didn't have my timetable, and it also wasn't to be found, so one of our Link Leaders, who were in charge of us, went with me in search of my timetable. We had it printed out, and the subjects ... well, they were a shock.

It looked like this:

Yearbook 11 - 6
Debate 11 - 16
Spanish 11 - 1
Japanese 11 - 2
English 11 - 4
ESL Cultural Studies - 20
Journalism 10 - 1
Psychology 11 - 2
Pre-Calculus 12 - 3
Creative Writing 11 - 4

(The 6, 16 and 20 mean that it's outside of the timetable)

Well, where were my Robotics and Drafting? Where was my Martial Arts? And where was my third lesson in the first semester? And why did I have Spanish and Journalism, although I had dropped the latter in favour of the former?

We then were sent to our homerooms (like our classes, just that you don't have lessons with them), and my name (make an educated guess) was ... not on the list!
So when school let out, I looked at the Grade 11 homerooms, just out of fun. And what was there in the homeroom for the R's? My name!

So okay, I was a Grade eleven. What to do now? The bus taking us to Hollywood Road was already there, and the introduction for the Grade 11s and 12s would begin any moment...

In the end, I ended up talking to my first homeroom teacher (who is still very, very nice to me) and she reassured me. Said I should go to Hollywood Road, she would tell my teacher where I was. It was no problem.

Hollywood Road had an English test - sorry, assessment - for us. It was very, very easy. My oral tester (for speaking and listening) actually said: "Well, we might as well skip this part..." We didn't.

So, I'm off watching Iron Man 2 now (because I love Tony Stark since I've seen the Avengers),
so, Good Night (or Good Morning, depending on your time zone)!


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  1. I've been waiting for your description of school !


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