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Montag, 10. September 2012

Japanese bad chairs

Aaaand another post from me!

Just a short, quick update.

Today was Photo day for the Yearbook . I got called out during English, but that was no problem (We've written a Diamante, a short poem during that time. But I was finished at home!)

My Diamante:
Short, Forgettable
Slipping, Trickling, Accumulating
Sand in the Hourglass, Fusion to Glass
Stretching, Lasting, Teaching
Meaningful, Memorable

The funniest lesson of the day was Japanese. Even though we've learnt quite a lot - 15! - Hiragana!

a i o u e
ka ki ko ku ke
sa shi so su se

And tomorrow we'll write a test on those fifteen!

But whilst we were learning these signs, suddenly there was a HUGE crash.
We were quite surprised - and couldn't stop laughing once we'd realised our teacher was sitting on the floor!
His chair had given out, just like that!
We laughed for at least two minutes, while his face was a study in befuddlement, until somebody got the idea to ask our teacher: "Are you all right?" - "Yeah. Yeah I am" which only sent us into further gales of laughter. I almost cried!

Here is our Japanese "Song" that we currently are singing!


Zou-san, zou-san
O-hana ga nagai no ne
Sou yo, kaasan mo
Nagai no yo

Zou san, zou san
Dare ga suki na no
Ano ne kaasan ga sukina no yo

English (they don't quite match up with what she sings in the vid, but that's alright!)

Little elephant, little elephant,
You have a long long nose.
Yes sir, my mother has a long nose, too.

Little elephant, little elephant,
Who do you like best in the world?
Well, I like my mother best in the world
And I should write a paragraph on comparing three texts in English we've read...

But the best lesson by far was Debate and Speech.
'Cause while that may be extracurricular, it's not a club. It's a normal four-credit course! :o

The teacher is very nice, and I have found two more girls with whom I get along very, very well.
One of them will take me to Tim Horton's on  Wednesday at lunch! :) She also will be in my Creative Writing Class! :D

I'm really looking forward to both of that!

So, love you guys!
Have a nice day, I'm gonna take a look at my Japanese signs (English I can do tomorrow at lunch, and he said he'd give a bit of time during the lesson; I anyway have to ask him for some assistance!) and I'm gonna learn a bit of biology - there's a quiz on Wednesday... :)

So, good night! (Or good morning, depending on your time zone!)


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