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Freitag, 14. September 2012

two weeks

So, just a short, quick update from myself...

I finally got around to have my timetable completed (I have Journalism on Thursday afternoons) and ... well, we've written two tests - Spanish and Japanese, and at least with the latter I already know I did a good job.

School is great so far, I love my lessons and my teachers are really cool!
I also have at least one girl in each of my classes with whom I get along really well - only the German students in my English class are very much not to my linking - I don't get along with them very well.

I think the nicest lot is in my Debate & Speech and Journalism class - both are great fun!

Well, I actually should have written an English Essay (three paragraphs on violence and gun control in the US compared and contrasted to Canada - but I admittedly know very little about that), so instead I watched Iron Man. The next project is rewatching Iron Man 2 and, if I'm not wrong, Iron Man 3 will be released sometime next year in May...

The next movie I really want to see is the Hobbit - looking forward to that one for sure!
And Avengers 2 should come out next year, too! I just hope our cinema back home has the original language - or I have to buy/rent the movie! :D

So, I'm saying good night (biking tour tomorrow, I gotta catch some sleep!)

Good night!

P.S.: This is my first English essay! :D

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