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Samstag, 8. September 2012

Second Day of school

So, I decided to split that stuff up - too much in one go! :D

First of all my timetable:

And it continues switching during the week, with the Monday schedule repeated on Wednesday and Friday, and the Tuesday schedule on Thursday.

My first real day of school was better by far.
We had Homeroom the first 30 mins, and ... hm. I can't say I like my homeroom.

But I jumped over my shadow that morning at the bus stop and talked to two girls, because one of them looked like she might be an International, too - she wasn't, but both of them were very, very nice, so they invited me to spend my lunch with them.

First lesson that morning was Spanish. The teacher introduced herself over a game - making us guess things about her, like her birth country (Portugal), her school, her Uni, her car, the number of children she has... She's very nice.

In Spanish is one other German boy, who lives here in my neighbourhood.

Japanese easily is the most crazy subject I have - Mr C. began his lesson my talking to us - in Japanese!
Of course, we didn't understand a single word.
Then we made standup games - Tatekudasai (I think) means stand up, Suatekudasai means please, sit down (the kudasai means please) - all without a word in English!

He proceeded to tell us - in English this time - that he had successfully proven that we have everything we need to learn a language! Because we had understood him, even though we didn't understand the language!

Well, I like Japanese.

Lunch was cool, for lack of a more appropriate word. The girls are nice (I have to remember to ask them whether I can use their names in my blog!) and Lunch was over too soon!

My spare lesson I used to talk to the counsellor - she's also so very nice! (it seems to me everybody is. Except for those in my homeroom and the girls in my Biology class!)

She looked Spanish up for me - it's full. So if nobody drops their Spanish class on Monday (that's the last time to make changes to the timetable), I can't take Spanish 11 (I have Introductory Spanish 11). I would like to, though, because I need it in Germany, and I fear I will forget almost everything in that whole semester, if I don't do it in school!

Anyway, I dropped Journalism, and if Spanish doesn't work out, I'll continue Japanese - which I would love to do, too!

In my spare lesson we put (after a lot of back and forth) Biology 12. Human Biology.
It was no use to go to that lesson anymore, because the bell rang the minute I left the counselor's office, so I simply continued on to English.

And I have to say: I abso-bloody-lutely LOVE it.
My teacher is soooo cool - he actually reminds me a bit of Captain America (I really hope he doesn't read this!). He's awesome!

Of course, I embarrassed myself immediately - I called, to get his attention, "Sir?" and he looks at me and starts laughing.
"What did you call me? Did you actually call me 'Sir'? Oh, you so have to call me that anytime, I love that!"
I didn't do it.

We went shopping that evening, and the prices here - thy honestly are crazy!
I mean, on the one hand side, $0.19 for 150 pages of lined paper, but $4 for 6 ink cartridges and $12 for post-its... o.O

I got everything I needed for around $8 - not very much, I think!


  1. wie nennt man denn sonst seinen Lehrer? :o

  2. well, my teachers want me to call them "Mr Name", or rather:

    In English: Mr D (or Mr Surname)
    In Biology: Mr Surname
    In Japanese: Surname Sensei
    And in Spanish: Señora Surname

    Of course, instead of "Surname" I have to put their real lastname :D

  3. u just have four periods? wow, that sounds kinda weird! don't u have to take a math class or sth? my organization said i have to take a math class, but i'm in the u.s. so it's probably kinda different! but well, I guess I'd fall asleep if my periods would take almost 80 mins, hooooly cow:D


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