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Dienstag, 25. September 2012


Hi there!

Today I was shopping with my card and ... it worked! I was at staples and just bought a new binder (the one Steven lent me got too small) and cue cards, and I felt so proud to type in my PIN and IT WORKED!

So, I'm not going on the fieldtrip tomorrow, although I thought I would, because I have too much to do for Debate and Speech. I've got to write a 3 min speech on the topic: Is The Family In Decline, and my contention is Separations Weaken The Family (most likely, I'm still testing)

I'm currently writing two newspaper articles on fashion (I know, me and fashion, hard to believe, but true!), one on Winter Trends and the other one on Toronto Fashion Incubator - both very interesting themes, and I'm checking back with Mr M. tomorrow whether they are okay. Hopefully I will have at least one full draft by Thursday (although I have to say that Debate takes precedence, because it's more urgent!)

Anybody who wants to know what exactly I have written, well, you have to wait for Censor This! to be published, which will be at the end of October. But I'll be sure to link to it, so do not despair!

Anybody interested in my Official German Diary, you will be glad to hear that I have already written 55 pages with an average of 3.5 pages an entry. My last entries all had more than five, and one even eleven (!) pages of writing!

I'll be sure to write everything down meticulously, so be prepared for a very boring long and interesting story!

We had our big Spanish Exam today, and while I don't know yet how I did, it was very, very easy. If I have any mistakes, they are because I didn't read the exercise!

Well, I'm going to bed now,
so good night!


1 Kommentar:

  1. Huhu, diesmal auf Deutsch !
    Ich liebe es, Dir hinterher zu lesen und informiert zu sein :-)
    A big hug,


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