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Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Friday Frenzy

... Yes, I know my titles suck.
But I dare you, come up with more than 150 titles that somehow reflect your day (and just by thinking about my day I can taste the adrenaline in my mouth... :))

It started innocently enough with an assignment in Entrepreneurship.
Spanish was boring as ever, but we have finally finished our project for the review which we will be presenting next Tuesday, most likely.
And then the nerves set in: I had to seek out Mr W, the liaison between the Rockets and KSS, and I have to admit, it was a bit exciting.
He wasn't in his room, though, but fortunately I found him in the gym!
We agreed I would come to his room during Math, since it was just a review period and he had to take pictures of the basketball Western Finals in our gym, so I went to look for Mr Murphy, my Math teacher, whom I couldn't find either.
I spent my lunch at his room though, collected some questions for Mr W with Mr M's help, and explained our Math assignment to three different girls (I like tutoring, okay?).

Mr Murphy didn't let me go right away, because we went over the homework assignment and had to hand it in for marks afterwards (and I got my quiz from yesterday back - 12/12), so when I got to Mr W's room, he wasn't there. I found him again in - guess where - the gym.

He finished up taking his photos, and then we went to his office.
And talked about hockey for 2 hours. It was awesome - he knows so much about hockey, and the players, and when he would say, really casually, "Yeah, and I just talked to Shea", I had a hard time recalling that he was talking about Shea Weber, one of the best Defensemen in the NHL, who gets $7.5 Mill a year, and when he would equally casually mention "Tyler" and motioning to a signed picture of a guy in a Rockets Jersey, it was just as hard to remember that this very guy had just signed a contract of $38.5 Mill (if I'm not mistaken) over the next ... 5 years or so.

It was super informative, and I will keep gathering more information - I'll talk to a couple of the players, and I will meet up with Mr W on Tuesday again. Unfortunately, I can't share all of that information, at least not on the web... There are a couple of things I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with, because not everything we talked about was strictly in regards to the Rockets and KSS... Let's just say that there are a lot of hockey players in Kelowna in the off-season.

So I was super excited when I got back to English, of which I had missed more than half (Mr D put me down as "skipped" I have a feeling - we got a call from KSS this evening I had missed one of my classes), and then I went and talked to Mr M about what I had learnt and how I will proceed from there. I will go over questions to ask the players on Tuesday with him, too.

I have a bunch of things to do for homework, though - I had planned on doing my Math stuff during Math, but obviously I wasn't there, and I have to write a Journal entry for English (maybe I'll write up what Mr W told me there - because nobody except for maybe Mr Derksen will read it, and then you guys when I get back home... good idea, actually), but as I mentioned, Monday is no school!! (I know you guys have holidays, but that's just plain unfair)

After school, Andy picked me up, drove us home and we had mashed potatoes, chicken and carrots.
After dinner, we went to the mall - it was a lot of walking around, but I got a regular Booster Juice Smoothie - Original Berry (Double Strawberry, Banana, Orange juice and yoghurt - delicious!), and now here I am.

And I think I'm headed off to bed now,

Good night!


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