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Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

Sleepy Saturday

There I was last night, spouting about how I wouldn't get much sleep - and then the girls went to sleep by one o'clock!

So I got a decent amount (7 and a half hours), but now I'm really tired...

What I did today:
I woke up, had delicious waffles and syrup and bacon for breakfast, did my Math homework, did my Creative Writing homework (writing up the outline for my project), browsed tumblr, watched the Blackhawks game from last night (although I still haven't finished the last period) and finished the rough draft for the first part of my CW project.
It's become rather lengthy, although I hope I can wring a few more words out of it when I put it into nice form.

For tomorrow I have another journal entry, titled "Dreams and Escapes," and maybe (once I've written it and determined whether it's alright or not) I'll polish that up and include it, too.

I will put my Mundane, one piece I have written, onto a separate sheet of paper, as I don't like any red in my journal, and then I will give it to Mr Derksen to rip it apart (that's something we talked about when I was supposed to be in Math), to polish it up for the Word Ruckus, the poetry event today in a month where a couple of us will be going to (it sounded really awesome, although I don't yet know how I'll get home, as it'll probably last into the night and my family here goes to bed rather early - compared to me sleepless creature at least).
And with ripping apart I mean criticize to make it better :D

So, and now I'm off to bed - I already brushed my teeth to prevent myself from devouring chocolate, and I really need to get used to going to bed earlier again.

Have a great Sunday!


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