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Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Roller Coaster

I promise my mom to keep this post short...

So, nothing's really happened - I caught almost 11 hours of sleep and it was glorious, but I also freed up enough brain space to start worrying again and ... truth is, I don't even know what I am worrying about (I'm trying to figure it out via ink and paper and I think it might be working, but the text is quite... incoherent, if I may say so)

I'm just really getting tired of this emotional up-and-down resulting in me locking myself into my room...
And I can't even tell how much of it is the exchange year and how much is just my usual winter depression.
I'm way better to be around during the summer months, spring is always a tough time, or rather the transition from winter to spring is the tough thing.

So, yeah, I'll finish writing up my thoughts and then I'm off to bed - it's anyway waaaaay to late for me to still be up!


  1. Der Frühling ist ja auch schon in Sicht - nicht mehr lange, dann haben wir die Wintermonate hinter uns, halt durch! :)
    Gut gemacht! ♥
    Hugs and kisses

  2. That's why I come visit you in summer :P
    Just kidding! I like you the whole year and it doesn't matter where on Earth we are <3


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