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Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Mixed Thursday

Today truly was a mixed day.

But first of all, I'd like to say:
Everybody who's reading this regularly: I admire you.
My blog is so long and convoluted, I don't know how can read it every day. But unfortunately I can't keep this short, because I have to get rid of all these words, so please enjoy another day of word vomit!

I think I mentioned it here, but I was wondering a few weeks back whether mundane [alltäglich, weltlich, profan, irdisch (mundus = Welt oder so ähnlich, hatte kein Latein in mehr als einem halben Jahr - Yesssss), banal] equals boring.
I found my answer today.
It's been raining this morning, just very, very slightly (nieseln, as we in Bavaria say), for the first time in what feels like months (and probably is if you don't take the snow in consideration but recall that Kelowna is, in fact, almost in a desert), just while I was walking down the street to the bus.
And this, hurrying to the light to cross the street, this was so mundane, an action I do literally every day, that I had an epiphany (or revelation, but epiphany sounds better; stressing is on the pi), and well, it sounds probably really weird, but even though the action itself may be boring, you have to think about the odds of you walking down the street, starting with the fact that earth actually became inhabitable, that vegetation and life started to form, that humans started to evolve, that there are nothing but piles of nothingness (because the farther down you go, from limbs to cells to atoms to the sub-atomic parts, there is always so much more space than matter, that we're essentially nothingness) that can think, feel emotions, express themselves, smell, share their thoughts, relate to others, move, feel, sense.
And the chances of all this happening are so small, so infinitesimal, that no matter your action, nothing actually can be boring.
(Ideas unrepentantly stolen from our English course readings - A short history of nearly everything and Motes of Dust and the resulting essays we had to write)
So, anyway, I started the day philosophically.

Then I had to hurry to the KSS dance room, because I felt so nauseous yesterday that the dance teacher saw me sitting in the hall and told me to come to her room today because she had a few recommendations for me to read to get a grip on that stress (Feeling Good by David Burns, a book on positive thinking), and she was super nice and we talked a bit, and then I had to run to my locker, get my Spanish books and run back to the other side of the school (I'm constantly running back and forth, but at least I have two classes in the hallway where my locker is - and the other two are literally on the other side of the school), and while I was like 2 minutes late, I don't think she put it down as tardy...

Spanish is a waste of time with all this reviewing stuff. But at least I'm not the only one who thinks like this, both a friend from last semester's class and a girl from my Journalism class think the same way. We're totally bored, because we still remember all that stuff!

Our Business teacher was away today (he has the flu, so get well soon, Mr K!), and we had a substitute who I think subbed for my Japanese teacher - at least he remembered me and my goal to study Neurology!
He knows a fair bit about Entrepreneurship (made a bunch of money after giving up teaching), but we mainly chatted (our group) and I found out that I am not the only International student - there is a Chinese girl finishing her studies (in my group; she thought I was Canadian!) and a German boy in the group behind us.

I hung out with the Canadian girl in our group of three for the Dragon's Den competition, and we went to Okanagan college and spent our lunch there, talking. (And laughing at the guy wearing a penis costume for sexual awareness day)

I wasn't even late for Creative Writing, and it was awesome as ever. He told us a story about one of his students - again, but the story is really great (and not everybody was in his English class) - and I was laughing really hard. Despite (or maybe because of) knowing it already.

Math started out with a quiz. It was pretty easy, I dare say, and I finished the assignment-for-marks before everybody else (I started during the test already, although I wasn't the first to do so.)
Let me just copy paste the exchange between my teacher and me/the class from a message to Vroni:
Mein teacher: "Try finding the inverse for this function:
f(x)=x/(x+2) Try finding a solution, in the first block (also in der Parallelklasse) nobody managed."
Inverse bedeutet, du vertauscht x und y und loest das ganze nach y auf. also x=y/(y+2) oder der Graph wird einfach in der Strecke y=x gespiegelt.
Two minutes later: "Mr M, can you take a look at that?"
Mr Murphy: "... y=2x/(1-x)... And we have one correct solution. But you have an unfair advantage. Yes, the German system is about two years ahead of us, and solving functions algebraically (also sie mathematisch aufloesen) has been taken out of the curriculum." Also ich hab voll den fetten Vorteil - und das mit dem Voraus sein stimmt. In dem Grade 12 Kurs ist genau ein Thema, was wir auch in der 12. machen. Alle anderen sind 8.-11.)

I didn't finish the homework though - at least not the one we have to hand in on Tuesday, because we have a review period tomorrow, I have a weekend where I'm gonna meet up with Spencer and study Math and a free day (family day) on Monday. Plenty of time, don't you agree?

After school, it was of course Journalism time.
I finished my article on the You Can Play Project - Gay athletes. Straight allies. Teaming up for respect, which will be published in our sports edition in three weeks, and then more topics were handed out (right now it seems like I will be one of the few students actually getting two articles, just because the YCP Project has to do with sports and ... I'M GONNA WRITE AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE ROCKETS!!!!) and so I am meeting with the liason between the Rockets and KSS tomorrow.
The teacher is in charge of letting teachers know when the Rockets are out of town, making sure that the Rockets have good enough grades and stuff like that - I'm guessing a bit like what the ESL teacher is to us Internationals.
Not all Rockets are Students, of course, but I will talk to this teacher (and I have to amend, hopefully tomorrow, I don't have an appointment or anything) and ask him what his job is and how many Rockets are students and so on, and then I will talk (also probably) to some Rockets themselves, and next Thursday I will take my findings and write an article about it. I'm so excited! (Just in case you couldn't tell from the bold and cursive and capslock...)

On a related note, while the Rockets lost 5-0 yesterday in Spokane, the Hawks beat the Phoenix coyotes (and posted a wonderful video of them training yesterday... here, have some shirtless hockey players do Yoga and play soccer and football :D) 6-2 in a feast, extending their "undefeated in regulation streak" to 11 games out of 11 and giving them 20 points out of possible 22, which is league best :D
And my second favourite player is currently second best in all of the league in regards to points (8 goals, 10 assists, three behind the leader, who has 10 goals, 11 assists)...
And yeah, that's about it...
I think.
One funny thing from the NHL: last year, my second favourite Philadelphia Flyer was checked into the boards, and while he was trying to regain his balance, he slashed the wrist of the commentator (who is sitting between the benches of the two teams) and destroyed his watch! (Luckily, it was only the watch - another commentator on ice level didn't have so much luck and got a puck in the face - and kept commentating while he was bleeding rather profusely and was being tended to! He at least didn't look so ridiculous as the linesman who got a puck into his behind side in the last Hawks game :D)

Well, on Tuesday we're writing that Maths Chapter one exam (and yes, we will have had only 6 lessons by then, but nobody really complains), Wednesday is god know what, Thursday is our Spanish test (review test; I'm so bored, can't we just get a start on the Grade 11 course?!) and Friday is ... free!
So only three days of school and hopefully lots of sleep!

And talking about sleep, I'm heading to bed now.
(I had the weirdest sleep last night - I remember waking up at least five times, around two, half past three, quarter past four, half past five, quarter to six, maybe even more - glancing at the clock and falling back asleep - into the same dream where we had to make sure the apocalypse occurred [or maybe didn't? I think we had to make sure it did ocurr] so we were playing a kind of hockey against a team with polar bears and then the bad knights who wanted to stop the apocalypse, came, with ridiculous [read: scary] guns and we were all really scared and fled into the bunker which was made of glass and when I realized that I launched myself into the arms of the next person coming into the bunker - I knew the bunker was safe, but I didn't know whether everybody would make it in time, and it looked like a green house - who happened to be Marián Hossa, Blackhawks forward, and I think I might have played with the rest of the Hawks... And then I woke up for the last time, five past seven. I could have slept for ten more minutes! But my dreams are really weird as of late...)

Good night!


  1. Danke für's Durchhalte-Kompliment - ist mir jeden Tag wieder ein Vergnügen, auch wenn es manchmal ;) ausführlich um Themen geht, von denen ich nicht so viel verstehe... ich sag nur "Eis-Hockey" ;))

    Ich wünsch Dir heute einen traumlosen, tiefen, erholsamen Schlaf!
    ♥ Hugs and kisses! ♥

  2. I got so used to reading your blog - actually I'm absolutely interested in what's going on - couldn't do without dropping by regularly :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. You're about to write that article? That's awesome! :)
    I'm sure it's gonna be amazing! I want to read it!

    Oh Julia, I'm so jealous of you! Enjoy Canada, please!


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