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Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Super Sunday!

I'm in a really good mood - and need to kill some time because my pyjamas are still in the drier :)
Actually I'm skyping with my mom, but she just got a call so I can write for a bit :D

What I didn't tell you about yesterday is that I skyped with Dorothea!
And she told me the funniest thing - she was on the plane to Vancouver and there was this dude where she immediately thought "Hockey player". She didn't recognize him and of course didn't ask him, but she said he looked suspiciously like Duncan Keith (although she wasn't sure anymore, just knew he looked "like one of your Blackhawks").
How I got to the belief that it was Duncs? Well, I knew two things: It was a flight from Kelowna to Vancouver, and it was (maybe) a Blackhawks player. And the only Blackhawk that could have any business in Kelowna? Duncan Keith, because he has family there, and the Hawks had a game in Vancouver on that same day and a day off the day before... So duh.

Enough of hockey (for that part at least) - except: the Rockets beat Everett 3-2 and the Hawks the Predators 3-0 (Crawford's first shutout since March 23, 2011!)...

But else: I slept in again - okay, I woke up at half past seven but decided it was too early and went back to sleep and dreamt I was on a ranch and riding and there was mind-control involved (don't judge, I was dreaming) and yeah, I woke up at around half past ten. Have I mentioned my dreams have been really weird the last week or so?

I had breakfast, went to do some homework (which I of course didn't, or at least not very much; but it's just so repetitive -_-), was interrupted by Bob who wanted to play some Rummy - and I really don't know why she's so obsessed with this game - and then we went to the park. We played a bit of tennis with a racquetball racket, and I was pleased to notice that I didn't forget a lot of stuff!
An acquaintance of Tanya's stopped by there with her dog, and it was so gratifying to see a big dog again and scratch a dog's fur ... I can't even describe it.
She's a children's librarian, too :D (Although Frau Gröschel is way more awesome; sorry but with her nobody can compete I am afraid!)

Tanya and I watched Bob and Jenna play on the new playground a bit, before we headed back.
While I was in the shower, Tanya made smoothies for us, and I almost didn't get anything! But it was really delicious. I've come to love smoothies!

Well, I went to dry my hair, and then it was already time to leave for Jim and Leslie's, Tanya's friends (we were over at their house after Christmas once already, and Jim was the one to give Tanya and me the tickets to the Rockets game!). Andy and Jim were watching the Edmonton Oilers - Columbus Blue Jackets game, and it was close - although the Oilers should have been able to pull out a comfortable win.

But this funny gif came out of it, just as I walked into the living room:

"Well, that's one way to get out of the way"
 But seriously, look at that:

I was kinda laughing :D
And it was even better when the Oilers pulled out a win!

For dinner, there was meatloaf - and it was so freakin' delicious, I can't even!
With some mashed potatoes and peas and baby carrots *-*

After dinner, I chatted for like two hours or so (more like one and a half, but who cares?) with Dylan, their oldest son. He's studying at UBCO, and he made himself waaaaay too much of a smoothie, so he shared it with me. And it was so awesome... He put some protein powder into it, and pure, that stuff tastes exactly like Vanilla icecream, so the smoothie was a mixture of vanilla ice cream and berries (mainly blueberries and some strawberries and a couple of raspberries), and that was almost to die for. Seriously, the vanilla adds something really great to it!
So that's one thing I'm bringing home with me for sure: Smoothies. They're just so great!

Anyway, I'm really tired now and my clothes are dry, so I'm signing off and heading to bed now!

Good night!


  1. Your description of the day sounds nice - you met a lot of people!
    Hugs and kisses ♥

  2. I'm a confessing smoothie-lover as well :-)
    Try strawberry-banana with chocolate flakes !!!


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