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Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Go Rockets Go!

Today was moderately exciting, so starting out as pretty boring and ending as super excited! (And btw: If you manage to get through the Hockey part, there are pictures at the end waiting for you :D )

It started out with me dreaming I was at home. It's about the fourth time or so I dreamt I was back in Germany and trying to catch a flight back to Canada.
Once I was at the GN (Gymnasium Neutraubling) to do some kind of trip through our school and then tried to catch my flight and almost missed it (but I got into the airplane) and then this night... We were at a pool. And suddenly the stairs went missing, so I just kinda slid down the stairs. But I remember that pool from previous dreams...
And then I was kinda packing but I remembered that I was already back from the grandparents, and then I really almost missed my flight and I woke up and it was 9 o'clock on a Saturday morning, my chest was hurting so I couldn't even go back to sleep and I was fully convinced it was Tuesday.
Whose idea was it to start the semester on a Friday of all days?

So I left my wonderful bed and - did homework. Yes, I can't believe it either. By the time half past eleven rolled around, I was finished with all my homework - and it was a lot, let me tell you:

And if you think now "It's just two pages", well then take a closer look and see how many exercises there are:
it was page 12-15, Nr. 1- 12, 17 & 18.

So these exercises:

Isn't it fun?

This is my Mathbook:
It's seriously heavy! And at least an inch thick... But still pretty new, which is kinda cool.

So, anyway, I finished that, then played around on my laptop a bit, went for a work-out (but only on the stationary bike because my knees have been bugging me kinda a lot) and then did nothing all afternoon long, before going to the Rockets game this evening!
I went with Tanya, and it was a lot of fun!

Here is the rink:

All that orange stuff you can see are noise makers they put on every seat so that we could cheer Kelowna on.
They were playing the Vancouver Giant, whom they had played the evening before (but in Vancouver) and beaten 5-1.
And tonight... it was amazing. They were really, really brilliant.
They scored 3 goals in the first period, then the Giants managed to step their game up during the second, and then twice more in the third period.
Cooke (who goes to KSS) had a shutout - they beat the Giants 5-0, and since Cooke let not a single goal in, that's called a shutout.
The Hawks were playing at the same time, against the Calgary Flames, and Andy texted me the score - Kaner finally scored early in the third period, but then Colorado scored with 4 minutes left again, tying the game.
And we were already out of the car, Tanya and me, when a new text arrived (and I was really hyped up from the awesome game we'd witnessed). It said Calgary scores with 30 seconds left and I'm like "Dang, our first loss in regulation."
But I enter the house, look at the TV and - it's going to Over Time! Tied at 2-2.
Well, no, Andy hadn't forgotten to inform me of another Hawks goal, Marián Hossa had scored the goal that forced Over Time with 2.1 seconds left on the clock. 2.1 SECONDS!!!

Well, it went to Over Time, and then to a Shootout, and Kaner scored for the Hawks and Ray Emery managed to make 48 saves out of 50 - so he didn't let a single goal in during the shootout, and the Hawks won!
And the Sharks were defeated in a Shootout, so the Hawks have the league lead for some time! (Whether they can keep it depends on whether or not the Sharks lose their next game on Monday, because they've played one game less than the Hawks...)

So, enough of Hockey, here are the promised pictures!

A lot of snow!

Can you see the mountains in the background?


KSS front

So, have a great day/night whatever!



  1. Hoffentlich hast Du nicht jeden Tag so viel Hausaufgaben in Mathe - aber Übung macht den Meister, heißt es ja auch...
    So viel Schnee hatten wir auch - jetzt ist alles weg und hoffentlich bleibt der Schnee, da wo er wirklich gebraucht wird, in den Bergen ;)
    Hugs and kisses!

  2. ... ich hab mich auch durch den Eis-Hockey-Teil gelesen - klingt ja richtig spannend, wollte ich Dir noch sagen ;)


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