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Samstag, 2. Februar 2013


No, I'm actually not whoopy or anything, but I couldn't think of a title :)

Well, so I'm really tired and almost off to bed, but here's a short rundown of my day:

I woke up alright this morning, but thought I'd missed the bus - no, I was early and everybody else was late.

I am really looking forward to this semester, although I have now realized that it will be really work intensive.

Entrepreneurship 12 will be hard because we participate in "Dragon's Den Young Entrepreneurship contest", which is modeled after the TV show (you might want to google it, it's just another thing like X-Factor or American Idol or stuff like that, just that Entrepreneurs come to a jury and try to get them to invest into their business idea). We have to form groups and work on a business idea and work on marketing it and stuff like that - but the winning team receives $1,500, second place $1,000 and third place $750!

Spanish is probably my easiest course, just because I had Latin ... and the teacher last semester was a native Portuguese speaker, so it is doubly obvious that this year's teacher has only been to Peru for a year after graduation!

Then Math... is gonna be hard but fun. It's an incredibly intense schedule, but not that different than the German one - probably even a bit easier (remember, it's a grade 12 course - Pre-Calculus 12!)? But we're not doing Sine and Co-Sine (Sinus & Co-Sinus) functions, so duh:

1. Function Transformations
2. Radical Functions
3. Polynomal Functions
4. Trigonometry and the Unit Circle
5. Trigonometric Functions and Graphs
6. Trigonometric Identities*
7. Exponential Functions
8. Logarithmic Functions*
9. Rational Functions
10. Function Operation
11. Permutations, Combinations, and Binominal Theorem*

Those with an asteriks (* - that's what it's called, right?) are particularly hard - according to our teacher.

I think it's about what we would cover in Germany - at least in part. I'm pretty sure I've done part of most of the topics, my only problem is the language. I don't know what half of that stuff means, and honestly? I'm too lazy to look it up. I'll find out over time! (And I'll send that outline to my Math teacher in Germany, he can tell me whether it's similar or not!)

But it's gonna be a really work intensive course with lots of homework, if today is any indication! (I'm looking forward to it anyway... Isn't that at least kinda weird?)

And then Creative Writing is gonna be a lot, too, but the class is awesome. I mean in regards to the people. I think I would love to sit in the corner and just watch for a while, but I'm sitting right in the middle of the classroom, so I can't see everybody at the same time. Makes me a bit sad, but the buzz in the whole class was really pleasant.

Do you know what I mean?

English last semester, same classroom, same teacher, was always pretty quiet. There were groups, but those people had already known each other, so they were always on those same groups and almost exclusively talking to each other. It was ... cold. The atmosphere was still warmer than in Germany, but compared to the atmosphere now...
It's just everybody is really friendly and we all share a love of writing and our teacher has a Master in Creative Writing (and from what I've garnered whilst talking to him during lunch it must have been a very, very high mark he got on it... He's really awesome!) and it's gonna be so much fun - and so much work.

 We'll write for 15 minutes in class every day, so I'll need to take my laptop to school everyday ... my backpack is going to be so heavy! I'll start my daily journal up again, or something, because I don't know yet what I'm gonna write about.

But for some reason, I can't even mind the filled schedule. Especially since I seem constantly bored, but without any motivation to do anything.
I even started my homework today!

(If you wondered: Yes, I just copy&pasted it from an e-mail to a friend. I'm honestly too lazy to type it up again, so sorry for the informal style)

So, here's a funny thing a few of you (especially the mothers) might appreciate:

"Proefkonijnen - Dennis en Valerio krijgen weeën" is the original title :D Can you guess what it means?

Two Dutch television show hosts being hooked up to a machine simulating labour pain. Hilarious!
And honestly? I skipped the part where it says "Dutch", so I first thought they were talking English, then I was convinced it was German, before I finally realized it was Dutch. But it honestly sounds very much like a mixture of German and English, and I could understand most of what was being said without the subtitles! :D


On another note: The Hawks lost again in a shootout against the Vancouver Canucks.
And the weirdest thing?
Brandon Saad, rookie filling in for Daniel Carcillo who hurt his knee pretty early on in the season, was the best man out there. He had an almost-goal (the whistle was blown before the puck could fully cross the line) and several brilliant chances, but in the end it was Patrick Kane once again who forced the game into overtime with the third goal of the season.
So they're still undefeated in regulation and got a point. I can't even be really disappointed - especially since it's been clear from the very beginning that the game would be abysmal. Passes didn't connect, they took a lot of stupid penalties and were generally all over the place. It almost seems like they're getting worse with every game (but they did step it up in the third period and especially in OT (4 shots on goal vs the Canucks' one...) but it wasn't enough in the end :/
And actually, I wanted to stay short about Hockey...

Well, anyway, I'm heading off to bed now, and we'll probably gonna see a Rockets game tomorrow! :D

Love y'all!


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  1. Mmuahahahahah - I'm absolutely killing myself laughing .......
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