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Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

At least that's what it feels like.
Every time I make progress, I also take at least one setback.

Today it was Maths. I was just sitting there, when suddenly waves of nausea began hitting me, so I excused myself from the class and sat in the hallway, but every time I just so much as thought about going back to the class, I got sick again. It's not as though it matters, because the stuff we're doing is pretty easy and I essentially only missed a working period, but it was pretty inconvenient.
I blame it on the emotional turmoil, sleep deprivation (an average of 4 hours a night is not enough) and the stress of Maths - Math is the subject I need to excel at, because I need it in Germany ...

Otherwise... I'm not working with the same group of students as for the Biz Day for the Dragon's Den Challenge, but with two girls who seem super nice, motivated and even have already an idea for what to do!
I think I at least am more compatible with them than with those other two.

We're doing a pretty dumb project in Spanish for Review, but maybe that's just me thinking that because I just had it last semester.

The best part of my day was (of course) Creative Writing.
A) the teacher and B) we did 'describing a scene' today, and our group of 3 had "Ocean and Cliff" and I got a "well done" from Mr D! (unfortunately, I don't think I can take him back with me, Lywe, I think he likes Canada a lot)

Creative Writing is such an informal yet informative class, I really love it.
And we're pretty different - one kid has bleached hair with a red fringe, then we have guy with a lot of piercings, black hair and a green strand of hair, some rather shy people, a few drama students, one guy from my Biology class, a hockey player (not for the Rockets, though) from my old English class, Aislinn (the girl who introduced me to Tim Hortons, Item of Canadian National Pride) from Debate (and she said I should just stop by once, a few people really missed me :o For me it felt like failure, although I know that the choice was the right one - especially with Maths I wouldn't have been able to achieve the level of writing I would have liked) and a couple of other students (four internationals, 3 Germans and a Norwegian, and they're clustered around the table behind me, occasionally talking in German, and that throws me every time).

And then there was the Pep Rally, which was the reason all of our classes were only 60-odd minutes long.
We're hosting the West Canada Championship (or whatever) in ... Basketball? so they tried to get us to cheer for the team, gathered everybody in the gym and introduced their cheerleading chants to us, made idiots out of themselves in funny games (seriously) and had the microphone amped up too loud...
Well, some uninterrupted reading time, and as I said, all our classes were shorter due to it!

My evening was spent - how else? - doing Maths, but it wasn't too hard. There's a quiz tomorrow, but I don't think it'll get too hard.
As long as I can remember that y=f(x) and g(x)=af(b(x-h))+k and (x, y) ---> (1/bx+h, ay+k) and although it might be g(x)=f(x+4), it isn't translated four units to the right but for units to the left, because it's x-h, so h is -4 in this case, and that even though it b might be 3 it's not a horizontal stretch by a factor of three but by a factor of 1/3, and if a is negative, the graph is reflected in the x-axis and if b is negative the graph is reflected in the y-axis, and that the inverse of a function doesn't have to be a function but is always a relation and is reflected in y=x and yeah... I think that's about it....
It'll be alright, I think, it won't even be multiple choice if I understood it correctly!

So, and I'm definitely headed to bed now, my eyes are drooping shut!

Love y'all,
(whose mind is buzzing with Maths, but in kinda a good way)


  1. Solange Du immer noch einen Schritt mehr nach vorne tust, ist doch alles im grünen Bereich! Laß Dich nicht stressen! Ich schick Dir mal eine große Portion
    hugs and kisses ♥

  2. Hahaha can't understand your maths stuff..
    Good luck though! <3

  3. Steps backwards actually don't exist - that's just taking the time you need.
    Just rely on yourself.


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