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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Late Night

Once again pretty late post ... I just can't help myself.
I have so many excess words, I can't even describe it (isn't that ironic?).
And I don't care what Mr Derksen says, in this case I have to fall in love with my own words, just because I have to get rid of them.

 Today started out pretty uneventful - I had planned on waking up early, but I slept through Tanya, Andy and Bob leaving for Bob's soccer game.
Might be because even though I went to bed right after my post, I couldn't sleep and instead got inspiration for my article. I have that one typed up now, sent to Mr Manderioli for approval/changes and sent an e-mail to Mr Wishlow, because I need clarification on a couple of points.

No, I didn't send the e-mails last night - at least not the second one. That I sent today just after noon, which was basically morning for me.
After waking up, I finished up the birthday present for Claire - a wristband as I have undoubtedly mentioned - and then ... read. A lot (again).

Claire and her mother picked me up at half past five, so I had enough time to shower and send that e-mail to Mr W.

(I had thought Tanya or Andy would have to drive me to the Old Spaghetti Factory and Claire's mom would only drop me off afterwards, but obviously I had been wrong. Good thing I was ready to go!)
We had dinner - delicious dinner - at the aforementioned Old Spaghetti Factory (the very same restaurant that Doro had her last dinner with her family in Canada if I remember correctly) which was pretty healthy. At least for my standards, not gonna lie:
I had a Caesar salad, about half of the portion of Spaghetti with meat sauce (nobody calls it Bolognese here :/) and a scoop of ice cream. It was really good.
In attendance were Claire, her parents, her little sister, her sister's BFF, two friends from fourth grade (they've known each other since forth grade, I mean. They're all in grade eleven) and the little sister and mother of one of the two friends. I didn't feel like I was intruding though, and I had a great conversation with Claire's and Gavin's mothers.
Unfortunately, that conversation ended up being about the KZ, because ... I don't know what we'd been talking about, but the mood went back to good pretty quickly.

I followed hockey with one eye, because in every restaurant there are TVs mounted up on the wall, and since it's hockey season, it's not surprising that they always show hockey.
And the Maple Leafs... well, they were known to be the worst team in the whole NHL, but they beat the Senators (Ottawa) 3-0. (I asked Andy: Didn't they have a goal tending problem? ... Oh, no, it's not that they have just a goal tending problem, it's more like the Maple Leafs are a problem... but they seem to be turning around. And Ottawa just lost it's best defenseman - Achilles tendon cut through 70%, season is over for him)

And then we went to the Bowling Alley, which looked more like a club. They even played DJ Earworm's State of Pop 2013 :D Amazing song!

I came seconds in both games we played - the first time two points behind Claire and the second time one point behind Gavin, but over all, I was first by a pretty great margin.

We had ice cream cake and I was kinda watching the Oilers game on the TV mounted up on above the bowling thingies, seeing as Andy is an Oilers fan and I kinda like them - their "kid line" is rather cute and really fun to watch off the ice (Taylor Hall & Jordan Eberle are living together and made a tour of their home, which is great to watch, and are generally pretty awesome about each other - going on ice cream dates the night before a game, "when are you going to part ways?" - "When Ebs falls in love, I guess. It'll definitely be before me", "How did Jordan react to being named best player in all of 40 years of Team Canada for the World Junior Hockey Championship?" - "He scrawled at the very bottom: And where's Hallsy?"). On the ice, it's sometimes a bit painful, because so many of their passes don't connect or go just that tiny bit wide, and there you can see the advantage the Hawks have with having the same team as last year and being so "seasoned" although their core isn't that much older than Hall and Eberle (Toews & Kane 1988, Eberle 1990, Hall 1991, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 1993), so I wasn't even so surpised when it was 3-1 at the end of the first and 4-1 seven minutes into the second, but then the Oilers seemed to pick up speed and by the time we left the bowling place it was 4-3 and when I got back home they managed to tie it at 4 just when I came in, and then they actually managed to make it 6-4. It was pretty unbelievable - and the Colorado Goalie was first star of the game (honouring the best players of the game) [although I'm seeing right now that they changed that apparently], even though he had let in 5 goals (the fifth goal for the Oilers had been scored on an empty net) - do you know why? Because he might have let five in, but he saved 50. The Oilers got a new franchise record for shots on goal in a single game, with 56 shots on goal.
That's a lot. Seriously.

And I really had to laugh yesterday, even though it's maybe a bit mean, because I saw that the EVR Schüler Mannschaft (that's the teams where the Rockets for example could draft from) lost 0:15. And that, my dear friends, is quite a feat. That wasn't just bad goal tending, that was bad goal tending and bad defense and bad offense.
Seriously. The last time I'd seen such a high score was the Champs for Charity game and the NHL All Star game, where you have the best player just playing for fun.

Well, anyway, since I still have so many words over, I'm gonna go back to writing that one AU (Alternate Universe) for the fandom I am currently obsessed with, which (the AU, not the fandom) can be basically summarized as "Character A and Character B get sent back in time into their high school selves and are the only ones who can remember." Now I only have to figure out how to make them realize that the other one knows about the future, because technically they meet for the first time when A is eighteen and B is nineteen... And before that? Oh... I might just have figured a way out...

So, I'm off!

See ya later,


  1. Sleepless in Kelowna - once again :(

  2. You make me miss Canada so much! :o
    Thanks for the pictures <3


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