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Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

A Preparing Day

Today in school...
we were informed that we had two tests tomorrow - Spanish and Japanese.
Spanish we knew yesterday already that we would be writing a test tomorrow... But still.
And in Japanese we are going to be quizzed on our first 15 Katakana.

School is so much more healthy.
For example, many students bring refillable bottles (I guess I've told you that already, but I'm gonna write it up once more, just because it's my Dad's birthday today! Or tomorrow, from my perspective! :P) and drink water from the water fountains around school (I guess we've got about four or five of them, with two having bottle refillers, too), and it's honestly being used!
Also, only a smart part of the school population (at least so it seems to me) buys things at the Store in school, and even that food is relatively healthy and fresh (as far as I know.).
Most students just bring stuff from home and reheat that in school, if they have to.

Today I had noodles with me, for example, and they were pretty good - just noodles with butter!
And tomorrow I'm taking a sandwich (ham and cheddar and salad and mayonnaise), cottage cheese with Okanagan peaches and an orange. That should get me through the day. And it's gonna be a long day - Journalism after school, and then (hopefully) the theatre production, in which my friend Ashley takes part (she's in my Japanese class).

The thing that makes me feel most like family is the fact that Andy's teasing me. He is my hostfather, and since I ate a sandwich once in the morning, I'll never live that down, I guess! But hey, I can't say I mind!
So I learnt: You don't eat sandwiches in the mornings. You just don't. You eat a toast, pancake (like me yesterday and today) or porridge, but not a sandwich. Thanks for telling me that sooner! :D

I also won't be going to that debate trip. The topic is not quite my case, and there's the Christmas gathering of the Internationals on the same day!

And I'm hopefully getting new headphones with the next package - mine are really, really bad. These apple things HURT!

And that's it for today!
I hope you're all having a great time!


  1. Hallo Maus,

    danke für das nette Geburtstagsgeschenk.
    Hoffentlich beiße ich mir daran nicht die Zähne aus.
    Bussi from the crazy German


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