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Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

First day of school!

Okay, so I'm officially jealous:
If I understood Doro's post correctly, she's going skiing tomorrow! And I have to go to school. That's really unfair.

Okay, so I have this wonderful song I want to share with you:

I reach out to all Merlin fans, whose show was cancelled by the BBC!

And, as I promised:
Here is Artistic Wolf Pup's version of Some Nights! :) Have fun!

Well, so I was in school again today. Honestly? I didn't miss anything. Except for dissection of a Moos's heart! That's so totally unfair.

And my English teacher - he's being so mean to me!
He said to me I'm sounding like the 19th century. Thanks. :/ (He was just joking, of course). And when I left the classroom, he shouted something along the lines of "Have a wonderful afternoon, fair Lady Julia" He is absolutely brilliant.

In Journalism I have my own two pages to design! That was something I was happy about today.

And I guess that is all.
Have a wonderful day, Germans!


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