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Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Lazy Day

Today was a thoroughly lazy day, so I apologize immediately for the gif spam at the end; I was bored.
Well, I went to the gym, but that was about it...

After Jenna's soccer game, we picked up one of Steph's friends and also had one of Jenna's come over, and the four of them played happily (and quite loudly) downstairs in the basement, while I was sitting upstairs reading.
I've read quite a lot - nothing "real", though, just one of my favourite fanfictions (and no, I won't say which). I've read it probably a dozen times already, but I just love it. And even though I've been reading all afternoon, interrupted by occasional conversation with Tanya, I've read barely a third of it - it has 46 chapters and a wordcount of 225,114 words - that's quite a lot, I'm telling you! For comparison:

Lord of the Rings:

The Fellowship of the Ring: 187.000
The Two Towers: 155.000
The Return of the King: 131.000
Total: 473.000

Yeah... Tanya baked cookies today, and I had waaaaaay too much of those and chocolate milk... But I can't say I'm sorry, not really!
The evening was spent watching TV first (The WE day and then MTV EMA in Frankfurt) and talking to Tanya's parents after dinner.

Other than that? There was nothing. Really. Oh, it snowed again, so it had a feeling like Christmas, but that was it.
Which is why I'm saying good night right now!

One thing I forgot:
I'd like to thank everyone who's reading my blog once again.

You're awesome!

And I'm basically going like this over every comment:

And basically just


  1. Got rid of those spiders already ? - I recommend a vacuum cleaner every now and then :-)
    Feel hugged !

  2. Forgot to say that comfortable boredom might be better than distress :-))
    lywe (once more)


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