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Dienstag, 20. November 2012

The Debate letdown

I am seriously considering dropping debate at the end of the semester. It is a full year course, but I don not feel like I can handle the amount of work and maintain my level of fun.
Yeah. Maybe you can read it already from this opening, but the test didn't go over optimally, and I don't even know why. :/

Well, but the day didn't have only bad things (and I realize once again: I can't make short posts. I am literally incapable of doing so.):

First: Porridge is awesome. Really. The more often I eat it, the more I like it.
Then: Biology was great. English was hilarious! I absolutely love it, and I kind of repeat myself.

And then: ESL.
We didn't get our Hockey tickets yet, but we got our insurance card and - I got handed a yellow stapled pack of notes - not so much a pack, but two pages, but well.

What is it? The itinerary and information for the San Francisco trip!
Yes, I will be most likely going to San Francisco!
Due to my enrollment in "Entrepreneurship 12", I qualify for the San Francisco business trip!
I will give you more information tomorrow, after I have talked to Ms White, because I'm not sure I can even leave the country being an exchange student!

So, and anything I might have forgotten I will tell you tomorrow!

Good night!


  1. Yes, you can leave- subject to the usual parenteral signoffs, US immigration may want you have a visa stamp tho, while this may not be required, the border agent may be fussy and want one. Usually means you need to pay a small fee.

  2. Wenn eine eine Reise macht - Tolle Gelegenheiten - pack sie beim Schopf! Ich freu mich!
    Zum Porridge: mich kann nichts mehr überraschen, was Du schon alles probiert hast ♥


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