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Dienstag, 6. November 2012

I'm moving

Hi guys!

As I have already mentioned, I have a huge announcement to make:

I'm moving. Changing hostfamilies.

My Coordinator will pick me up at 4:05 PM tomorrow, and she will bring me to my new hostfamily.

It just didn't work out here.
I'm constantly feeling intimidated, and we have very few things in common.
After my panic attacks in school, I have talked extensively to a a family friend from Germany, who can understand my situation, my parents, my hostfather and my coordinator, and I have felt that the best decision for me would be to move. I just cannot hit "reset" and start over. That's not in my nature. I feel like I don't hesitate to give trust, but I'm having a hard time giving a refill of that trust well. If you lose it, I can't give you more. Or it takes me a very, very long time to give more trust.

Of course there is more to this matter, but that are not things I want to discuss on my blog.
You can find my whole thoughts on the situation and what's transpired in my Journal, which is already on its way to Germany - so some of you (like Lara, Lydia, Romy, Pizza and anybody else who's interested) will get in in January, as I cannot have it opened before Christmas. I wrote what I'm getting everyone for Christmas inside there!

Anyway, tomorrow my address will change, too.
Please don't send anything to my old address!
People I know (and trust) can contact me tomorrow, but I want to talk to my new hostparents first about giving their address away.

In less than twenty hours I'll be gone.
And I'm feeling more relaxed than in a long time. I feel like I suddenly can breath again.

The worst thing though was packing my things up. I don't know how I ever want to get that all back to Germany!
It's just so much - my suitcase, the big box my parents sent me, the boy my winter shoes came in, the box my hairdrier came in and three bags, as well as my backpack!
It's just so awfully much, you know?
But enough of that,
I hope you're all fine over there!

I got my English Score - 92.3%. Which is pretty good, in my opinion!
Depending on how he counts it - if he has one part names "Tests", like my Spanish class, that counts more than my essays - then it dents my grade. If he doesn't, I'd still have ... 98 or 99%. Which is perfectly acceptable.

I realized today that one of the boys in my Spanish class actually has longer hair than me! And he has a similar shaped face... Creepy. Honestly.

At the moment I'm so afraid that Romney will win the election - he is in the lead. 23 electoral votes or almost 2 million public votes. I'm so absolutely scared. I'm hoping that everybody in the US is being out there and voting - we can't have Mitt Romney climb into office. It'd be a disaster.
I think Joss Whedon, director of the Avengers, sums it up pretty well, what would happen:
Watch that video. It's absolutely brilliant. Really.

 ETA 8:13 PM: Different source, newer statistics: Obama is in the lead! 47 electoral votes, which are important, although he is still about 2 Million popular votes behind Romney, which don't count, though.
But let's just say: Never before has a president of the US won the "throne" without winning the popular vote... Maybe Obama is the first?

ETA 8:33 PM: Obama has won. I can't describe how relieved I am. But he still lost the popular vote, as it seems right now!

ETA 8:47 PM: Obama is pulling up in regards to the popular vote, but he has won. Definitely.

Here is a graphic that shows tumblr tags - it'll be probably over, by the time you get there, but I want to have mentioned it.
And I'm honestly going to bed right now!

So okay, yesterday was a rather brilliant day, too.

I got on my biology test written yesterday 99%. And I didn't even prepare! Honestly, a fifth of the questions I didn't know, I guessed and/or went about in the "Ausschlussverfahren" (looking at which not to take). But well, I'm not complaining!
Then our Japanese test was postponed to today (not that I did anything for it, but well), and I have to admit: I cheated. But well, the teacher left the room, what do you expect?
(Admittance two: He was actually still in the room when I cheated)

And then Journalism... We all got a huge "well done" from Mrs Taylor, and of course she highlighted once again that I am only an ESL student...
And then we did impromptus (Stegreifreden). I didn't get to do mine, but we had topics like "Dogs are better cats than dogs", "Why Brownies are better than chips", "Women should join the miliatry" (made by a boy) and "everybody should go out there and vote" (done by our amazing captain Aislinn!).
And they were so funny! They only had 2 minutes to prepare a 2 minute speech, so it was really amazing what they did!

And we ended the lesson with a line debate:
The class is halved and then lined up on two sides of a hall, one side negative and one positive. And then we had the topic "Women are stronger than men". I was on the negative.

But we laughed so much as people of whom we knew that they had different opinions, spewed some bullshit (excuse the language please), especially on our side. Sarcasm was sometimes heavy in the air.
But it was so much fun, I can hardly describe it!

So okay, I'm sending all my love your way - and I'm gonna go to bed now soon, as I am really tired...



  1. Auf geht's zu neuen Ufern - ich wünsch Dir viel Freude dabei!

  2. Yeaaah - movement inside and outside - better than stagnation !


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