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Freitag, 9. November 2012


Okay, here is another blogpost - let's see how long I can keep this one-a-day up! :)

First of all: PIA, I answered your question below your comment! I had no other way of contacting you, and I really hope you read this!

Second: As always, thanks to everybody who commented - special kudos to you - and also a thanks to everybody who read it - no special kudos to you. Sorry.
And the most special kudos and cookies are going to ... LyWe! And of course, my Mom.

So, todaaaay.... started out with skyping. With my parents, and our neighbours. And I'm really, really sorry for Google's bad translator qualities! :)

And it started with these pictures:

So it was really really cold today. Totally. It still has minus 1 degree! :o

I went to school packed in layers: A sleeveless shirt, a long sleeved shirt, my bench jacket and my winter jacket, along with hat, gloves and winterboots - and I still was cold during the assembly!

We had every lesson only 60 minutes to account for the 45 minutes we had assembly, and that ... well, it wasn't that great.

We all went outside, then somebody played a tune on the bagpipes [Dudelsack] and then we sang Oh Canada - I almost know the lyrics by now! - and a war Veteran read something, In Flander's Fields was read, a few other things, too, and then we sang God Save the Queen, had a minute of silence and after that everybody went back inside.
It took me two hours to warm up again!

I got my Journalism grade - a B. A B+, but still a B. 84%, which is kind of pissing me off. But well, for the effort I put into it, it's alright.

I'll probably drop it for the second semester - I just don't have the time to write as many articles as there are required, and it's not quite my style of writing.

After school ... Oh, I met a new girl by chance: I was sitting down next to her on the bus, as it is pretty full, and we realized we had the same bus stop!

So yeah. I hope I can meet her again on Tuesday. She was nice.

Talking about Tuesday... No, wait, let me do this chronologically:

For dinner we went to Fatburgers, and I really like them!
And afterwards, we went to the mall. Now me legs are hurting, but overall it was very enjoyable - and Steph reminds me totally of myself at that age... :)

Anyway, tomorrow Bobbie (Steph) has a soccer game, and Jenna on Sunday, so we're gonna watch those. And I will ask at the H2O Centre whether they found my scarf - I really hope they did, and if I really lost it on Monday, they're gonna throw it out on the coming Monday, which would be bad.
I hope I can go to the H2O Centre while the girls are playing soccer in the coming weeks. It would be really great.
And also tomorrow Steph's auntie comes to babysit her, as everybody else will be gone. I'm looking forward to meeting her!

On Tuesday, we have a very stressy day.

We have a Japanese exam on the Kanji for the school types:
小学校 - primary school
中学校 - Middle school
高校 - High school

年生 - Grade

So, for example:
高校一年生 would be high school grade one, so tenth grade. It's spoken Koko Ichi Nen Sei

わたしは 高校二年生 です Watashiwa Koko Ni Nen Sei des. Verbatim [woertlich] As for me high school grade one, or I am grade ten.

I actually do like Japanese!
And we're gonna write a Spanish test on all our Veggies and Fruit!

And I got the mail for the Vancouver Trip!
I want to sign up, but it's first come, first served, and they only have 106 seats on the buses! I really hope I can go, although it's $400!

So, and since I'm drop dead tired now, I'll stop here.
Have a nice weekend!



  1. Hört sich sehr relaxt an, wie Du jetzt lebst!Ich wünsch Dir schöne Träume! ♥

  2. Hugs for the cookies :-), sweetie and -
    kudos to you for braving the last weeks !!


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