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Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Me again

... Yes, I am masochistic.
Because why else would I think it a great idea to listen to this? So I am once again sitting here and crying, and everybody who follows that link will think I am totally childish...
But hey, that has been a huge part of my childhood, I can't even describe it.
And this year is finally the end of it. Of my childhood, I mean.
I used to scoff at everybody who told me to cherish my childhood, I just wanted to grow up.
Oh, how much would I give to be so young again? I am only fifteen - 15! - and still I regret all the opportunities I let pass when I was growing up. There was so much to explore, to do, to learn, and yet I elected to stay in my room, reading.
I mean, I love reading, but I could have spent so much time so much more efficient...

I got half a panic attack today:

I spend my lunch usually in me English teacher's classroom. And today, he filmed my Journalism for a timelapse (Zeitraffer) of Mr M's cartoon drawing.
Since I had left my Spanish books in my locker and didn't wanna be late again, I left the room to fetch them without taking my bag with me.

When I get back, the door is locked (of course, so that students can't just barge into the room and disturb the filming), so I knock once and when nobody answers, content myself with waiting until they open the door for the next class.
Outside, a few boys for the media arts class were waiting, so I just stood there and stared at the wall blankly. When the warning bell rang, one of the boys walked up to the door and started knocking ferociously.

After two minutes or so, another girl who had been inside the whole time came up and opened the door, and I slipped in to retrieve my stuff.

Mr D looks at me and goes, "Julia, the next time when we're filming, don't do that."
And I'm like: WHAT?! Until I realize he was talking about the knocking; since I was the only one entering (the boys had to stay outside), he of course assumed I was the one knocking.
And since I hate being reprimanded, especially for things that aren't my fault, I of course defended myself: "What?! Oh, you mean the knocking? That wasn't me, I only knocked once and when you didn't open the door I waited outside!"
And I also hate how my voice got all squeaky when I said this.
But he just glances at me and says, in the process of tidying up, "I almost thought so, it's not like you to do such a thing."

Now I'm just not sure whether he actually believed me or not...

In Spanish, I was exiled from the classroom:
I was chatting with Jade, when my teacher made me come to her.
"Julia, I forgot to tell you something yesterday when I agreed to touch base with you today: I meant to tell you that we have a test today."
I didn't panic there, of which I am really proud!
And then she goes on: "So I need you to step outside while we're writing it."
So I got an additional 20 minutes of reading time!

After school, I actually meant to catch my Business teacher, but he only had a sub there.
I went into the classroom, looking at the man and thinking didn't Mr K. look different yesterday?, but since he greeted me with my name, I figured I was wrong. I wasn't, he was really a substitute, but I was wearing my Ritmo jacket - which loudly proclaims Julia on my collarbone!
I ended up chatting with him for almost a quarter of an hour, about San Francisco, before I had to go and get my stuff from my locker.
And I got all my courage together to go and talk to Mrs T. about me dropping out of Debate - only to find her on the telephone unable to receive visitors.
Well, I really need to do that tomorrow, then!

Steph and Jenna's aunt was here today - also an Avenger's fan!

And since my eyes are kinda glued shut with tears, I say goodnight now!


  1. Hallo Maus!
    Ein bisschen Heimweh ist nicht schlimm.
    Das machen alle durch - die einen mehr die anderen weniger.
    Meine Nachbarin in ZA - auch Julia - hatte die vollen 4 Monate Heimweh. Die sagte, dass sie NIE WIEDER ins Ausland gehen würde.
    Aber ich glaube fest daran, dass du das überlebst!

    Zum Thema "Lesen im Zimmer": die Einsicgt, dass das echte Leben "draussen" statt findet kommt etwas spät - aber besser als nie.

    Lerne was daraus und schalte deinen Rechner aus! Beschäftige dich mit den Gastschwestern oder mit Freunden aus der Schule.
    "Carpe diem, Musculus" (Laitein leider nur aus dem Asterix-Heft gelernt) geh raus und suche das WAHRE Leben.
    Bussi und bis morgen
    The crazy ...

  2. Es ist nie zu spät, eingefahrene Wege zu verlassen - also, ran an die Dinge, die Du tun willst! ♥

  3. Adult with only 15 ? You'd be the first to manage that :-)
    You're all emotional - aren't you - lively and full of desire to just inhale life and experiencing yourself. So up you go and do so :-)
    May the force be with you ♥


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