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Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Second Post for Today

Good Morning Germans, good evening sane people - or was it the other way round?
Sometimes I do wonder...

... And yes, this is the second post for today, even though the other one says otherwise - I published my blog entry at around 11 o'clock, retracted it as it was only two lines long and then posted it again at 1 AM.

So, two posts in one day!

Homesickness isn't a punch in the gut, I have realised, it's far more a belt tied around your chest being pulled tighter and tighter every minute.

It's usually not so bad, but in moments when I can think, it is a punch in the gut, before the belt kicks in.
Chocolate provides a short-term solution, but in the long run, it just makes me feel worse.
I have very poor impulse control, I fear.

I used to think homesickness was a weakness.
I have come to the conclusion (after extensive talks [I guess I can call them that, right?] with a very important individuum [thanks again, I think you know who you are!]) that homesickness isn't so much weakness as growth.
But growing can be so painful... I really, really hope it's worth it in the end (I know it is - but in those down moments I can't see that.)

Today... well, I got signed up for the Vancouver Trip, got the parent sign form for Curling on Wednesday and a Debate Trip in three weeks - I'm going, although the topic is even worse than the last one: This house supports a national carbon tax. Wow. Really brilliant, don't you agree?

I'm kind of down. I don't know why - I guess it's because I have finally fully arrived in Canada.
And I have a huge bruise on my collarbone - I was drumming my thumb against it all day yesterday, and now it's really read and turns blue! It's kinda funny, I have to admit!
I was also really antsy today. I guess it's sleep deprivation...

We had our Spanish test today (it wasn't hard), but we only watched a movie in Japanese. Grave of the Fireflies, a very grave and sad movie with not just one Character Death about the First World War from a Japanese Point of View.

In English, our principal was there and she, Mr D and the class (so, we) talked about social media. I am one of the few actually using a tumblr!

In Biology I am up-to-date, which I won't complain about. And we will dissect a pig!

Well, on Saturady, Doro is coming over for a sleepover - yay!
And on one weekend, I have to meet up with Claire, my friend from Englisch class, and Steven, a fellow Avengers Fan (that's where she got her name from), and Jade, also Avengers (and Sherlock!) fan...

Fun Fact: (I probably wrote that already once or twice...)
the word you hear most often here, is "like"
Like, I mean, like saying like a sentence and like everytime you'd like say "äääh" like in German you'd like substitute "like" instead.
Really. Everybody does that here.
So when I get back, don't be surprised if I use like three million times more "like"s than I used to!

And since I am really tired, I am going to bed now. Sorry, no pictures today! :P


  1. Oh jaa...dieses like like like..das kenn ich :)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Ich wünsch Dir schöne Träume ♥ - und Schlaf hilft über so manches drüber, Du weißt schon, was ich meine;))

  3. Homesickness gives proof of your liveliness and emotional health; and it's a huge compliment for your parents :-)
    So there's no need to be afraid :-)


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