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Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Late Night Snack

Soooo... the only bad thing about eating so early in the evening (5.30 PM, as opposed to 7 PM) is that I get hungry by about 8 PM. So by 9 PM, I was so hungry I had a peanut butter sandwich. And it was so. de. li. ci. ous. I can hardly describe it.

Okaaay.... so, I'm officially registered for the San Francisco Trip, and there is no problem with my Visa. I just have to talk to Ms White some time in April.
And I even know three of the girls already - two from my Journalism class and one from my Debate class.
[And now I'm sitting here, crying, because I've seen my dog on skype.]

And talking about Debate: I am dropping it.
It's just like this: I can do either Debate or Journalism, as both are very workintensive and require a lot of research, writing and commitment, and I can't do both. The fun of Debate is kind of gone, too, and if you compare them, you'd probably come to the same results as me!

Paying money every few month to go to a tournament and having to memorize speeches vs. sitting together (rather informally), eating chocolate and getting Pizza and Ginger Ale... Would anybody have a hard time choosing?
But it's not just that. I literally feel oppressed by the workload handed out in Debate, and I can't handle that!

Today we went Curling!

It was fun. No, honestly, it was!
You wear two shoes, one with a grippy sole and one with a smooth sole, and then you slide over the ground, throwing a "rock". (Better explanation here).
I initially had a group with two Mexicans, but they kind of disappeared after a very short while, leaving me alone. I joined one of the two groups that actually played for the fun of it. I met my two Japanese friends again, the one who can be seen on the picture on facebook, and all in all I had fun.

Internationals in Curling gear!
Eri and me!

So, anyway... Other than that I finally bought earrings (yeay! I left all of mine at home) and now I'm already happily wearing them. It's been way too long since I last wore a pair!

I think that was everything for now... I will try to upload some information about the San Francisco trip, but a) I don't have that much info yet, and b) I'm tired and still have to do my Biology stuff.

So good night!


  1. Sieht nach richtig tollem Spaß aus - freue mich, die Bilder zu sehen! ♥

  2. You're such a cutie ! The Green is perfect for you.
    Seems everything is working out really well, huh ?!
    Btw: Journalism is a very good choice for you I would say :-)


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