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Freitag, 16. November 2012

The Day of the Copious Amounts of Homework

... or short DCAH.

We have, honestly, an unbelievable amount of homework. It's really not nice anymore.

What I have to do for Monday:

- Learn 30 pages for Debate and Speech open booklet test. Or at least highlight important information and memorize where to find it.
- Learn 30 Katakana characters. Not. Fun.
- Learn about 16 pages for Biology
- Write 7 Learning Outcome blocks (with an average of 9 questions each) for Biology
- Write a Spanish 3-4 minute play

Ain't it a good start into a weekend?
At least I managed to do my Japanese homework in my Spanish class - we've got a new seating plan. Again. It's the third this year.

Today, Tanya's parents and her uncle were here. We talked for quite a bit, although I mainly listened, before excusing myself to do some homework. Of course, I didn't get farther than checking my e-mails, facebook, and then tumblr. I really have to rework my order of things...

I've kind of forgotten my Journal. If I find a lot of time next week, I might even write everything down that's happened and how I feel about it.
It's just so hard to keep up two "diaries"!

I have noticed, that the exclamation mark is becoming more sparse. I'm proud of that, even though the dash is as prominent as ever - I simply like it!

And in regards to reading: I'm back to the Harry Potter fandom. Thanks to Katrinle for the link to that profile (you know which I mean). I actually have such an interesting book here to read, but I'm stuck reading on my kindle! -_-

Well, I'll go and read for a bit, and then I'm going to bed - I'm effing tired!

Love you all!


  1. Da hast Du ein ganz schön ausgefülltes Wochenende! Viel Erfolg und Spaß dabei! ♥

  2. Plenty of challenge it seems, hah :-))
    Fun for the gyri of your brain ♥


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