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Freitag, 23. November 2012

Go Rockets, go go go!

My throat is raw and my eyes and head hurt, but I am thoroughly happy:
I have discovered a new favourite sport!
It's .... *trommelwirbel* Ice Hockey!

Ice Hockey is just amazing, a fast paced, brutal sport, in which the players have to shoot a puck (small, round flat object) into a small goal using sticks.

I guess you've all heard of it.
Tonight was my first Hockey game, Kelowna Rockets vs Regina Pats. And it was plain awesome.
They were constantly bullying each other into the wall, beating each other, and shooting towards the goal. Kelowna won 5-1 over three periods of 20 minutes each; the goal keeper is a KSS student.
Yes, the players mainly are students. 16 are the youngest, 22 the oldest (as far as I know, there are only 2 22-year-olds allowed on a team), and I can really see why. As I mentioned, it's really brutal.
But nobody is rolling around on the floor if they've been hit by a hockey stick in the back. Nope, it's not soccer! Rather, they go all out. If somebody seriously is hurt (like a stick to his face), the perpetrator gets a 2 minute penalty. The Rockets got such a penalty 4 times in this game, I think.

But they played really, really well.

Dorothea was sitting with the family of a friend of hers almost exactly opposite us, and while I was a tiny bit jealous in the beginning, I'm glad I didn't stay with them:
All the action (except for one fistfight) was on our side, where the Regina goal was located. Of course, they changed after 20 minutes, but the Rockets shot towards our side twice and only once to Doro's side.

And the way they were on the skates! I wouldn't doubt it if somebody told me they were more comfortable on skates than on foot, which Andy did.
It's just... they kind of seem so natural on ice, waaaaay more natural than figure skaters, for example.
And it was so abso-bloody-lutely awesome... Words are leaving me.
Talking about leaving: Before I leave, I HAVE to see another Rockets game. Because they're so great (they've had a streak of 7 wins in succession now).

Hockey is a very demanding sport: The Rockets have 80(!!!) games this season.
(And I honestly hardly can swallow because my throat is hurting so much! I mean, five goals, we screamed like hell!)

Other than that... Not very much today.
I finally "resigned" from debate, the librarian I chatted with on Tuesday (I think) gave me a wristband saying "Whose house?                      Owls' house" and... I have a lot to write over the weekend. Two Journalism articles about Christmas (yes, we are already working on the Christmas edition, and it's only three weeks off!), a persuasive essay for English (topic: A schoolday from 7 to 12 would be better than 9 to 3) and a Biology lab report. At least the latter I have already written out, I just have to make a good copy, and English I have already started.

So yeah, I'll get going then! :)

And to the comments:
I'm not actually that sad. I'm just wallowing in self-pity, believe it or not!

I'm actually pretty fine!
Love you all!

Your hockey-glowing Julia


  1. Believing you :-)

    P.S.: Do not forget to be proud of yourself every now and then, huh .

  2. Schau mal: ;)

    Hugs and kisses!


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