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Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Long Schoolday

As promised, one update a day!

Today was pretty uneventful - I woke up waaaay to soon (5.45 AM, because that's when the furnace [Heizung] starts and the air comes rushing out of the vents, but I managed to doze a bit more, and I finally stood up at 7 o'clock.

I had porridge for breakfast - my first porridge (or oatmeal - cooked oats [Haferflocken] with brown sugar and raisins [Rosinen]), and I can't really decide whether I liked it or not. It wasn't bad, but the taste was still in my mouth hours later!
My school bus stop is really not far away from the house, maybe five minutes? So I don't have to hurry!

And the bus driver is really nice - I started to explain to him that I was an exchange student and had just recently changed hostfamily and he was just like "Yeah, yeah, they told me about you, just get in."
And once we pulled up to the school he took me away from the other students, introduced himself and told me "I'm always waiting here, but my bus is the last one, so you don't have to hurry. Sometimes I'm here sooner, but I never leave before 3:35PM"
WHY can't our bus drivers be so cool?

English, my first lesson, was spent writing what I wrote on my blog yesterday into my journal - with a few extras, of course! We're currently reading "Of Mice And Men", which is really weird, and I know already that I won't like the ending!

And we watched Edward Scissor Hands with Johnny Depp, after we had done a bit of school.
In Biology we looked at blood through a microscope, and Lunch I spent (as always) at Mr D's room. I had penne and Bologna sauce with me! Good thing we have Microwaves in most classrooms in school.

In Japanese we had a substitute, as C. Sensei managed to tear his miniscus, and we ... talked. Ashley and me. And in Spanish we solidified our knowledge of -IR and -ER verbs.

After school I had Journalism, and I finally finished my second article! Only one more to go!

And I took the bus back, all on my own!

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, which means all lessons are 18 minutes shorter!

So yeah, and now I have to go and make my Lunch, and afterwards we will probably read again, so have a good day!

Love you all,

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