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Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

A Secret in the Wings

Today was a long, long day - with a German tinge to it!

It started out, this morning, by once again skyping with my parents - it was my dad's birthday, so hey, I guess I'm allowed to!
But I want to tone it down a bit, as it only fuels homesickness - or so I've heard.

Then I had an English Muffin (I guess, it looked like a McMuffin) for breakfast - ham, ketchup (Heinz Ketchup!) and bread - and of course my glass of milk, before I hurried to the bus - I thought I was going to be late, but of course I was ten minutes early again. I just can't seem to understand that it only takes me like two minutes to get to the bus stop...

First lesson: Spanish quiz. And chatting with Jade, my fellow Avenger's fan. Nothing special.
Second lesson: Japanese quiz and the next 15 katakana. I'm so not ready for tomorrow's test... but I have 15/15 on today's quiz! :)

Then: Lunch. I rewrote the setting piece we should have handed in today (as you can read already: We didn't.) And I bought my ticket for my friend Ashley's theatre play "The Secret in the Wings", but more on that later.

In Biology we had a lab, measuring blood pressure and pulse - the whole school must think Spencer, I, and to an extent Krystin, are mad!
It could be because Spencer and I ran through the hallways and up the stairs, laughing almost hysterically and breaking out into laughter everytime we looked at each other (and he was screaming at me "Run, soldier, run!! You call that running?! I call that sleeping!").
No, we haven't gone completely bonkers, I can assure you. But we had to measure my blood pressure after exercise, so we ran. Later on, we had to measure Spencer's pulse after exertion, so ran again. It was fun!

In English class we had a writing exercise: One boy from my class came in, played a short sequence and we had to write down afterwards everything we could remember withing 5 minutes.
I was probably the one with the most details, and when I added some of them, my teacher said something along the lines of "Some people notice more. Like Julia, she's hyper-observant. And I don't mean like this" looks around hectically "But like they notice details that nobody else does and are able to keep them in mind." I guess that's a compliment...?

After that we went up to the library to type up our homework - describe a setting in 200-300 words.
Well, the only problem: The printers didn't work, so we're gonna print it out tomorrow!

After school I had Journalism. I first finished up my two articles, and then went to photoshop a few pictures for some of the pages of the newspaper.
The end I spent proofreading and editing a few pages - you wouldn't believe me how much work that is!
I finally finished touching up my two articles at ten past seven - 3 hours later! - and then went on to grab my jacket from my locker, before I went into the theatre.

I don't know why, but it was only half full!
But it was so amazing!
Two of my friends took part in it; Lolu, the boy I often spend my lunch with, and Ashley, the girl who is in my Japanese class.

They were enacting a multitude of Brothers Grimm stories, and I was so proud to actually recognize some of them!
All the actors were so brilliant - at one point, there were three princes, and they were speaking in unison, and were just so perfect...
I can hardly put it into words, which is why I'm gonna go and brush my teeth now. And then I'm off to bed - I'm drop-dead tired!

Love you all!!


  1. Acting could be something you might take advantage of yourself - think it over !

  2. The description of your day sounds funny, enjoy!
    Hugs and kisses!


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