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Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Being productive

Yes, hard to believe, but I have actually been more productive today than in the last few weeks...
I mean, I managed to not just reblog stuff in tumblr I like (although I did do that today, too) and read (which I also did; one hundred and nine thousand words of glorious and awesome), but I also did my laundry (folded it, okay), tidied up my room, did my Biology homework (so I only have to write it neatly, but all the answers are assembled; and anyway, that's my way of learning, I just answer again the questions we have to hand in ... does that even count as studying then?), finished my journalism article and started thinking about the next article.

Yes, I could have done more. I could have started on the next article (have to have it finished by Thursday at the very latest, actually Monday would be better, so I'll try to do that tomorrow), I could have gone through my blog for all the important entries I keep talking about in the link above, I could have written more of my story and I'm supposed to beta six chapters for a friend... But tomorrow is a day, too, and I'm not staying up too late today, so duh. Deal with it.

And since I don't have anything better to do:
Have some links I collected over the last few days on tumblr! :)
You might like them.

Okay, this is not actually from tumblr but rather from Dorothea, but enjoy anyway... It's a bit sad, though... And talking about Doro: Today in West Kelowna she said it was -17°C! MINUS SEVENTEEN DEGREES!!! Can you even believe it? I can't! Here a post about the rights everybody has - very interesting, and stuff I at least sometimes forget, like
  • You have a right not to justify yourself to others.
  • You have a right not to take responsibility for someone else’s problem.
  • You have a right, sometimes, to inconvenience or disappoint others.
Pretty great post, if you ask me.
With the deadpan response underneath the post on tumblr:
I present to you: Canada ---- … is this not commonplace in other countries? Weird o_O
Things parents forget to tell their children - also a really amazing post - read it! And then this post: What would be hardest to explain to somebody from the fifties? The answer ... if you think about it like that, yes, we are crazy!
eleven used to be all bouncy and cute and adorable and now he’s becoming more and more broken and dark like nine and ten were towards their ends and that makes me nervous
I knew immediately what she was talking about, but I think the poster below nailed it: Second poster: take a minute to imagine how bizzarre this post sounds to other people Third poster:    icant                             
it just sounds like you’re really emotional about math imdone
Fourth poster: i just really love math guys

You might wonder what this is about... Well, the Doctor in Doctor Who is called just "The Doctor, so in order to refer to the different reincarnations (the actor changes every time the Doctor dies), you refer to the number of the actor playing him.
So, Nine is the ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, Ten is the tenth Doctor played by David Tennant and Eleven is the current Doctor, Matt Smith.
And they all... their personality changed over the course of the show, so I guess the concern is valid.
But just thinking about how it must sound to not-fandom-insiders... :D

And one more thing:
It says:

Fan: I want to be an author when I grow up. Am I insane?
Neil Gaiman: Yes. Growing up is highly overrated.
Just be an author.

And I guess we're headed for a new monthly-view record:
We already have more than half as many as in the month with the most clicks!
Okay, have a good night!


  1. Du mutierst zu einer "Netzfischerin" - amazing and somtimes weird ♥
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Hallo Maus!
    Klingt ja richtig "produktiv". Einfach toll wenn es so "von der Hand geht". Solche Phasen sollte man nutzen, und einfach mal alte Sachen erledigen.

    Zum Thema: 17 Grad minus, wir hatten hier Mitte Dezember auch schon 16 Miese. Und für nächste Woche sind wieder Temperaturen um die Minus 15 angesagt.

    Geniesse die Zeit bei den Großeltern und mach weiter so.
    Mr. Crazy

  3. Just want to say Hi ♥


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